Which laminate flooring is better to choose for the apartment: the answers to all the questions

In the repair process raises many interesting questions and dilemmas. Which laminate flooring is better to choose for apartment is one of the most pressing issues. Today, together with qualified professionals Decorin we will look into the matter deeply and thoroughly. Are you ready to learn all the secrets and select the suitable laminate flooring for apartment?


What quality laminate it is better to choose for an apartment?

Choosing flooring for your own home, should take special care to assess all the parameters of the material. If this work has already been done and your choice fell on the laminate, let’s dig deeper!

Laminate is the choice for practical people who love comfort and beauty. Let us consider the advantages of material and decide which quality laminate it is better to choose for the apartment.

  • Beautiful. Despite the fact that laminate flooring — the artificial material, it has excellent appearance, bursting with lots of different textures and colors.
  • Wear-resistant. Unlike parquet Board, laminate is very sturdy, not easy to mechanical damage, perfectly clean.
  • Undemanding in care. Laminate is not necessary to choose expensive care, and this is a huge plus.
  • Easy Assembly and disassembly. At desire it is possible to dismantle a certain area of the laminate coating and replace with new. It is very convenient, especially in the nursery and in the kitchen. After all cases happen different, right?

With the advantages we figured out went on!

Question # 1: What grade of laminate flooring is better to choose for an apartment?

Let’s first understand what class of laminate? The fact that the producers share classes the density and durability of the laminate coating. These indicators will help you with the choice, and decide what class is best to choose laminate flooring for your apartment.

Look at the photo:

  • Standard apartments typically use laminate from 23 to 30 (domestic) class.
  • Offices and rooms in public places is recommended to make the coverage at least 33 (commercial grade).
  • For your apartment you can choose a more wear resistant grade, depending on the desired period of operation.

Question No. 2: What brand laminate flooring is best to choose for an apartment?

With classes, we decided. Now it is important to understand what manufacturer to trust in the choice. Now we’ll introduce you to a few brands firmly established in the international market. Each of them known and loved in their own way and definitely will not disappoint you! And the choice, as always, is yours.

  • “EGGER”. Country of origin: Germany.
  • — Has a good performance in relation price-quality

    — Simple design

    — Wide variety of colors.

  • “ENU”. Country of origin: France.
  • — Medium quality product, suitable for household use in the apartment.

    — Not too durable, but it has a sophisticated design.

  • “KAINDL”. Country of origin: Austria
  • — Loved by many manufacturer. Very high quality, durable, product, service life of 30 years and above.

    This laminate can be placed not only on floors but also on walls.

    — Looks very natural. At lower price the product is indistinguishable from the floorboard.

  • “PARADOR”. Country of origin: Germany
  • — Diverse selection of colors and if you

    — Average cost

    — Lifetime up to 10 years.

  • “BERRY ALLOC”. Country of manufacturer: Belgium and Norway.
  • — Water-resistant and fairly durable material of high class

    — Durable due to the special aluminum mounts.

    — The high cost.

    Here is the list of manufacturers who exactly can be trusted. Of course, the list is incomplete, and you can pick out exactly what you like and fit my price. Consult with a qualified consultant already at the point of purchase and then the question: “What brand laminate flooring is best to choose for an apartment?” will not be so difficult for you.

    If you have questions, watch the video how to choose laminate flooring:

    What color of laminate flooring is better to choose for an apartment: tour of rooms

    So with the class we figured out, the manufacturer has chosen, now you need to understand what the color of the laminate it is better to choose for the apartment.

    We think that everything will depend on the planned design, but there are still a few things that you should consider. What?

    Let’s deal!

    Which laminate flooring is better to choose the apartment: children’s

    The children’s room is always a very sensitive issue. How to make sure that the floor was rather practical, safe, environmentally friendly, and even inexpensive (after all kids are kids)?

    See how many interesting photos of the options we have!

    Gender with fun pictures will love the toddlers. Besides, any flooring in the nursery, anyway, destined to be Borisovny, and against the background of a speckled image, the damage will be less noticeable.

    Which laminate flooring is better to choose for the apartment: bedroom/living room

    For bedroom and living room is perfect glossy options “under the tree”. Floor, texture and color reminiscent of noble trees is so perfect.

    If you don’t know what color you want, start small, think about practicality.

    Light floors look great, but any dust will be visible from a distance of five meters. It’s certainly not a reason to deny myself such beauty! You can cover part of the floor carpet, and can do the accent color for the contrasting color of the furniture, then in your dust no one to look will not.

    Laminate flooring on walls is also a very interesting option, especially for accent walls in the bedroom and living room. Think how practical and extraordinary is the decision! And practical beauty!

    Which laminate flooring is better to choose the apartment: kitchen

    Refuting the common misconception that the kitchen will only fit the tile, I want to say that the laminate has long established itself as the high quality material for the kitchen.

    See for yourself:

    • tiles are cold, you need to install Underfloor heating systems
    • tile unpleasant tactile
    • tile joints in the kitchen — something that you have to scrub every day, and this extra care and strength spent in anywhere.
    • accidentally missed the Cup, falling on the tiles, one hundred percent will be broken, and falling on the laminate, it has a chance to remain unscathed.

    Based on all of the above points, laminate flooring with the right technical characteristics, objectively best choice for the kitchen. Agree?

    Just like and constructively we answered your question about what kind of laminate it is better to choose for the apartment. I hope that the tips Decorin will do you good, and will bring clarity to your questions. Wish you good luck and lots of inspiration!

    Your Decorin!

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