Wardrobe in living room — spectacular examples of the interior (70 photos)

Choose a wardrobe in the living room? And want to see photos of the interiors, where such furniture is already installed? The designers of the project Dekorinподготовили for you a beautiful photo examples. Based on this article, you will be able to make a choice. Well, what? Willing to pay a couple of minutes of your attention? Then begin.

Closets in living room: photo examples

Closets are gradually being squeezed out of the interior furniture in the form of drawers, bulky walls, closets. And there’s a logical explanation. Take a look at the photos.

Successfully thought out design and functionality wardrobe:

  • become a real decoration of the living room;
  • frees up additional space;
  • allows you to use the room configuration;
  • solves the problem of storage in confined spaces.

Compared to hinged wardrobes have a number of advantages:

  • economical use of the area (no need to allocate additional space in order to open doors);
  • the reliability of the design;
  • original appearance;
  • a more universal purpose.

Wardrobe in the living room — what to take into consideration when choosing?

So, what to pay attention? First, take eye living room, and evaluate how efficiently used square footage. Where to put the wardrobe?

Perhaps, the living room has untapped niche. It is a great place to host built-in wardrobes. Here, as in this photo. Let’s see how successfully beat the entire design.

In a corner apartment often trapezoidal-plan living rooms. Alternatively, you can use radius wardrobe. By the way, examples.

Due to the smooth lines and rounded corners, the geometry of the room is perceived quite differently.

And then, consider the style of decoration of the living room. A wardrobe should complement the design.

Think carefully about the internal organization of the wardrobe. For this estimate, what are you going to store in it: clothes, documents, dishes, books? Maybe you need a spacious dressing room?

Built-in cabinets coupe living — advantages and disadvantages

Built-in wardrobes to fit perfectly into their designated places in the living room. Usually they are made to order.

The most common size is the wardrobe, which occupies fully one of the walls in the living room.

The role of the floor, ceiling and end items comply with the relevant part of the room. In this case you can save. Costs will only go for the manufacture of facade and inner sections.

Another plus — Cabinet height equal to the height of the living room. And, then, the ceiling area will also be used with advantage.

However, if you think of the permutation, then shift this Cabinet will not succeed. It is permanently installed.

But-made Cabinet, you can buy a more spacious living room. If you want to change the situation, it can be moved to another location.

In some cases it is better to choose corner wardrobe living room?

For medium and small living rooms a good option would be a corner wardrobe. Depending on the shape of the room and its square, look for the model:

  • the wall;
  • L-shaped;
  • triangular;
  • or in the form of a trapezoid.

So you will be able to cover all the corner space. One or both ends of the wardrobe, you can choose open shelves. They will look spectacular statues, photo frames and other decor.

A compartment in the wall in the living room — a good design decision

Wardrobe in the wall in the living room is a great way to hide from prying eyes things that are used infrequently. In addition, in some sections you can even place a shelf for the TV. When closed, the design is succinct and stylish. And if you want to relax, watch the evening news, a TV show — enough to push the door of the wardrobe.

Depending on the specific task, the design of the wardrobe can be different. Here, as in these photos.

Need to focus on the brighter interior? Then choose a neutral colour.

Want the wardrobe was the starting point of the design room? Then think about what other interior objects will overlap with it in color. How to use the living room modular wall units — read here.

Closets in the living room: the design of the facade

At first glance, the closets in the living room — not quite appropriate. This room designed more for meetings with friends, guests, host small family celebrations than for storage.

We offer you to look at pictures. Now I see that it is not?

The closet not only looks harmoniously in the living room, and is an important part of the whole interior composition.

There is a large variety of ways of decorating the facade. What to prefer — to solve to you. Dekorin wanted to give General recommendations.

Need a wardrobe classic interior here. How do you like this design?

In a modern interior, decorated in minimalist style, additional items will be inappropriate. Therefore it is better to choose low-key concise design of the facade. As in this photo.

If the room is small, the wardrobe can be used to visually expand the space. Look how glassy facade “adds” the missing amount.

Look beautiful in the living room sliding door wardrobes with mirrored or glass surfaces, decorated with a sandblasted pattern (painting applied under the influence of a jet of air and fine sand).

But look like plain glossy surface of the facade gives the room a lightness and ease.

Wardrobe can be a great alternative to the wall mural. With printing on the front can be applied to any image, and make the interior attractive and individual.

For those who appreciate real exclusive, there are also interesting finishes. It can be:

  • skin;
  • bamboo;
  • natural wood;
  • rattan;
  • or composite materials.

Naturally, the price of such luxury would be considerable.

Modern wardrobes in the living room — what color are in trend?

Do not blindly follow the trends of interior designing. Take on arms only ideas, and implement them better into account the individual characteristics of a particular room. Strive to visually add height to the living room? Choose a sliding wardrobe, the facade of which is decorated with vertical lines. This design looks modern and stylish.

If the living room is not enough natural light pay attention to:

  • light shades;
  • glossy texture;
  • pastel colors.

You will not regret it if you buy into the living room white wardrobe.

Solid and expensive look-in closets colors:

  • light oak;
  • wenge;
  • nut.

Even if the interior is bright, it is not necessary to decorate the facade more than three colors. Otherwise it will be too much.

Today, fashion is defined as:

  • frosty-blue;
  • blue;
  • mustard;
  • purple;
  • red-brown;
  • silver-gray color.

Still demand the classic combination of black and white.

Living room with closets: a few words about the functionality

Design should not only please the eye, but also be comfortable to use. What exactly is not worth saving, so it’s on a sliding mechanism. Quality accessories — the key to durability of furniture.

It is preferable to select aluminum roller system than the steel counterparts. They will last longer. But the monorail mechanisms to withstand even a massive tear up with more weight.

Choose a wardrobe in the living room — the task not such simple as can seem at first glance. But it is solvable. Get inspired and bring your interior design ideas to life. Living room, decorated with love will attract positive emotions, delight you and your guests.

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