The perfect color combination in bedroom interior

Relaxation largely depends on how you select the color combination in the bedroom interior. We are all different in temperament, but equally tired at the end of the day. Some people like more colorful design, some are of the opinion that the bedroom is desirable to arrange restrained. In this article the designers of the project Dekorinпредлагают options successful color combinations. Perhaps one of the photos you want to base the decor of your bedroom.

The combination of colors in the bedroom and how not to overdo it?

The bedroom is not the place for bright design of experiments. It is important to create an atmosphere of privacy and security. Of course, exceptions happen. But mostly for the bedroom, choose soothing colors. These interiors envelop like a pleasant fatigue and have to sleep. As in these photos.

So, what rules should be followed in order to “guess” with the decor?

Well, first, don’t use a lot of different shades. Decide on colors that will prevail. Then pick one or two colors to make the interior more expressive.

And finally, listen to yourself. If a color causes you negative emotions, forget about it. Bedroom — your personal space. And only you can decide what color is appropriate here, but that would be superfluous.

Here’s a note a win-win combination of colors and shades in the interior of a bedroom (with photo examples).

How to use gray color in the interior? What it is better to combine in the decoration of the bedrooms?

The gray color is very capacious. It is ideal for decorating bedrooms. In this room will want to get rid of emotions, feelings, feelings experienced during the day. There is a desire to close his eyes and sink into a deep sleep.

Grey goes well with white, asphalt. It can be used as background for inclusions:

  • pink;
  • blue;
  • lilac;
  • apricot;
  • light blue accents.

In order to make the bedroom interior more expressive, you can use several bright spots. It can be pillows, a small rug, stand lamp shades.

The combination of beige with other colors in the bedroom interior

Beige is a win — win solution for decorating a bedroom. This color is warm and cozy. How do you like these interiors?

Pay attention to the combination of rich and pale hues.

Beige is a good complement:

  • white;
  • peach;
  • sand;
  • pink;
  • mustard;
  • brown;
  • green.

Plus, beige is still in its universality. Beige can be used without other colors. The bedroom interior will not be boring and dull. Why, you ask? This color is very versatile. He has a lot of interesting hints of vanilla, biscuit, caramel, sand, coffee with milk, ivory.

Bedroom in beige color suit and a young girl, and a pair of newlyweds, and the bachelor.

How to use a brown tone in the interior bedroom?

Brown will never get bored. If other colors for bedrooms must be selected with caution, the chocolate flavor is good without exception. And they were plenty:

the color of walnut peel;

  • ground coffee;
  • cinnamon;
  • tree;
  • copper;
  • almond;
  • gold;
  • mustard honey;
  • caramel;
  • burnt sugar.

Brown goes well with green, shades of red, yellow.

What to combine purple bedroom design? (with photo examples of interiors)

Many why-that the word “purple” appears wariness. Although the decor of the bedrooms it is very good. Look at these interiors and tell me what you think?

Agree, impressive.

Secret purple is simple — you just need to find “that” tone. Look at the lilac palette with shimmer red brick, wine, terracotta. Along with white can be quite an interesting tandem.

In a small bedroom use purple fragments: the curtains, the pillows, the prints on the Wallpaper. But a rich accent wall with this color can only afford the spacious bedroom. Otherwise the interior will look hard.

Purple in bedroom interior — how to create a harmonious design?

Using purple, you can realize interesting design projects. The interiors make light air. Lilac bedroom like creative types. This design inspire them.

When using purple in the decor, consider:

  • Pale lilac harmonizes well with cold shades of blue, eggplant. It is well to emphasize in a contrasting color. For example, dim pink, pale blue, beige, cream, light green.
  • Intense lilac feels good next to the blue, gold, cerise, purple, chocolate.
  • A bright shade of purple in the bedroom interior is successfully combined with all the colors of the palette of red, yellow, grey, amber.

How to use turquoise color in interior decoration of bedroom?

Turquoise is the color of the sea, relaxation, freshness. It fits perfectly in the spacious bedrooms. And in a small interior “works” for visual extension.

Turquoise definitely need to dilute the other colors. Monochrome don’t use. Cool shades can be supplemented with:

  • blue;
  • light brown;
  • mustard;
  • green.

Warm colors go well with terracotta, yellow, apricot. Look good white interiors of bedroom, where to put accents use shades of turquoise.

The color combination in bedroom design — a few tips from Dekorin

The bedroom (though spacious, though compact) do not clutter with unnecessary interior items.

The Central place here should take a sleeping place. Can be positioned at either side bedside tables. If space allows, allocate area for dressing table. You might want to put in one of the walls, the Desk console. At the foot usually put a mini sofa, stool or Ottoman. In principle, this is enough.

In a small bedroom, use furniture to match the walls. Visually it will blend in with the surroundings.

And if you are interested to delve into this topic, read another article about how to choose a color for the bedroom.

If the bedroom is irregular geometric shape, adjust the perception of the space using a contrasting Wallpaper. Looks good.

Here the Wallpaper are combined with panels.

Here, more examples.

Bedside you can make accent wall.

This technique allows you to allocate a berth and give expressiveness to the design as a whole.

The ceiling shouldn’t do frilly and bright. Matt white — best option. If we are talking about sophisticated interior areas (Baroque, French style, classical) allowed the use of mouldings, wide baseboards, outlets. Want to know more about bedroom decor, read this article.

What combination of colors in the bedroom decor you had in mind? Designers Dekorin I wish you success in the incarnation of the coveted project. We hope that our recommendations helped you to decide on the color scheme.

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