The kitchen Studio: how to make the right choice? (70 photos)

Making a kitchen Studio, we always want to choose the best option. So comfortable and ergonomic, and even beautiful it was! Agree that over time our tastes change, something boring, something becomes irrelevant and outdated. Today let’s talk about how to choose the right interior of the kitchen of the Studio, will show beautiful photos and decide which option will be good for you!

Are you ready to be inspired?

Then go ahead!

Interior room Studio with kitchenette: choose YOUR option!

So let’s start with the most important issue: the interior of a Studio room with a kitchen, what should it be?

The answer is ambiguous, because there’s only one rule — it must suit you! We say this to the fact that fashion trends, trends and designer items are fine but blind desire to follow fashion can play a cruel joke with you.

Let’s imagine the situation: at the turn of a fashion magazine about the design you saw, it would seem that the kitchen of your dreams. And now, at breakneck speed, you know you’re racing to the hardware store, purchasing the necessary materials. But as you know, fashion is a fickle lady, and by the time to redecorate your kitchen Studio will be finished on the podium of design trends a new star will rise, and your interior will be hopelessly outdated. Perspektivka not the best, right?

What we do? Yes, the fact that the variety of ideas and fashion trends, the kitchen Studio you should choose wisely. Layout your personal convenience and consistency of the selected style are the three main secrets of a successful kitchen design Studio.

Let’s look at the interior room of the Studio in different styles, maybe something you will like!

No. 1 kitchen Studio in the house with panoramic Windows

In this situation, the designers did everything right. If we have a house with panoramic Windows — we try to harmoniously integrate it into an environment and not Vice versa. Let’s see.

Panoramic Windows mean lots of natural lighting. Heavier interior bright colored or solid dark parts are not worth it. Remember, we believe that we have, and therefore, the interior of the kitchen Studio in this house should be light and bright.

If you are a supporter of white tones and they seem boring — apply good old contrast. Looks fresh, modern, and most importantly universal.

By the way, here’s another life hack: the most basic style that you can rely on is modern style. Read up on this useful article and make your own conclusions.

No. 2 the interior of the kitchen Studio in the house with attic

Attic — it is always interesting, however, when it comes to the kitchen, there may be issues. How convenient is it and what interior to choose if the kitchen Studio is in the attic? Let’s deal.

The sloping ceiling with otryvnym window — the main characteristic of the kitchen with a loft. Even such a room can seem cramped, and this means that bright colors are the best choice in this case.

Scandinavian style is also integrated into the environment, and most importantly — is always appropriate, regardless of fashion trends.

No. 3 Interior wooden kitchen Studio in the house

If we are talking about a spacious private home, what could be better than natural? Wooden kitchen Studio — win-win situation that will never lose relevance.

  • Surface and kitchen furniture from natural wood will serve you faithfully for many years, especially if care to take care of it.

  • The tree can be choose in different color gradations: from the most light to almost black shades.

  • Wooden furniture can fit almost any style, from rustic to the loft, and all will match well.

No. 4 modern kitchen Interior Studio loft-style

Our favorite loft already long occupied a dominant position in interior design. If you are attracted to this style — feel free to grasp for its design. The fashion for loft may pass, but the elements will remain relevant though, because it is a very practical style.

No. 5 Kitchen Studio, interior design in Provence style

The fashion for Provence style in kitchen design is also firmly established in our everyday life. The style of Provence — the standard of modern comfort, in such an environment is always warm, light and cute. Only one minus — this design can quickly get bored.

If you are confident that olive kitchen Studio — your version, feel free to decorate it in your house. If the motives of the French countryside beckon to you, but you are not sure that your opinion will not change — make the design partial. 3D Wallpaper, textiles and tableware to help you! Here if to remove a few elements from the dominant variant in this photo, the style can be interpreted as Scandinavian. Such decisions-transformers are very convenient for people, intolerable monotony!

No. 6 modern kitchen Interior Studio in high-tech style

Kitchen Studio using the latest technology, looks great! Look at the examples:

Here and say nothing is not necessary, and so everything is clear, because high-tech is the choice of experimenters and lovers of innovation. Whether this is your style — decide for yourself!

Well, as you? Made sure that the interior room Studio with kitchen can be extremely diverse? You have to think about it, read the article on this subject, and yet we go on!

Interior bedroom Studio with kitchen — the impossible is possible!

“What?” — you will ask. Is it possible to connect the bedroom and the kitchen so it was appropriate?

“You can!” — we reply.

Bedroom and kitchen in one room, it is not absurd, it is a super-solution for small apartments! Look at the examples:

Well, what’s wrong? Important:

  • a powerful hood;
  • competent zoning of space;
  • the presence of baffles or curtains.

  • The kitchen the bedroom can split falshstena, but then you steal from yourself a little bit of space.
  • You can put a functional screen, it will be convenient.
  • And, when you have high ceilings, you can even equip a bed above the kitchen! (don’t forget about the powerful extract)

In General, if the circumstances so require, interior bedroom Studio with a kitchen would be a godsend and wise design solution for you. Decide for yourself.

Oh, and a lot of what we discussed! Information bunch, I hope for you it will be useful and you finally decide on the kitchen of your dreams, I sincerely wish you that! The kitchen Studio of course needs to be designed with intelligence and cold calculation, but do not forget about love!

Repair and decorate your kitchen the way you want! Surround yourself with beauty and comfort! Be happy!


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