The kitchen in the Studio apartment: the best ideas on the arrangement of examples

You become the happy owner of a Studio apartment? Congratulations! But at the same time, we are sure you have many questions. Well, for example, should look like the kitchen in the Studio apartment? A difficult question to understand. Lost among the many options, in this case, easier than ever, however, do not forget that Dekorin is always ready to help you!

Today we will look at many successful examples for the development of one of the most important rooms in the house and help you to decide how it will look like the kitchen in your Studio apartment.


Then forward on all cylinders!

How to separate the kitchen in the flat Studio: win-win options

The art of zoning to know is not so easy. In fact, if you delve into this subject, we ought to write treatises. However, the main conclusions can be drawn for himself after learning just three main rules of zoning. Want, we’ll tell you what?

Then read on and learn how to separate the kitchen in the Studio apartment!


Rule # 1 “Partition a Studio apartment — a joy to the kitchen!”

Partition — the easiest and most obvious option. Of course, we must proceed from the layout of the apartment, because in certain cases, this technique will only create unnecessary barriers. Take a look at some photos of examples, this is a good solution:

As you can see, the partitions can be of two types: functional and decorative. What to choose is up to you.

  • Decorative room divider, is shown in the photo above, zoned space, creates the appearance of the corridor between the kitchen and living room as well as adds the interior of lightness.

  • And this functional partition. Here you are, and wet bar-dining table, and drawers hidden behind sliding doors. Do you like it?

  • This authentic wall, nothing like not until the end of the broken wall previously separating the kitchen and living room. If you want to turn the old building into a stylish Studio apartment, use it.

  • Pictured above is the coolest version of the functional partitions. Just look how convenient: a dining table can suddenly turn into writing, and the partition does not weigh down the interior.

  • Here option for food lovers in bed. The kitchen is equipped with a partition with portal. Thus, two spaces and combined and separated simultaneously. Genius, right?

In General, we hope that we have convinced you that the partition in apartment Studio is one of the best options for kitchen, come on!

Rule # 2: “Interior of kitchen in apartment Studio with a bar”

Very ergonomic, comfortable and economical in all senses the decision. The bar is not only a wonderful way of zoning, but also very functional.

Among the advantages:

  • A Breakfast bar can replace the dining table in a small apartment;

  • Looks simple;

  • May perform the storage function of everyday objects.

Let’s look at photo examples of:

Rule # 3: “Zoning kitchen Studio color”

As you know, colours that fill your interior is one of the main keys to successful repair. Harmony of colors is everything, and therefore, zoned kitchen Studio so version.

Look at the examples:

Small kitchen in the Studio apartment: stylish solutions for small spaces

Cramped apartment — is not a sentence, and a small kitchen in a Studio apartment it may become a source of pride. Don’t believe? We will prove that this is possible! See:

In any furniture store provides a great variety of mini-kitchens for your convenience. Here, see this, for example, looks like a separate room and takes no more than 7 square meters.

Studio on and come up to room in small spaces seemed cramped and uncomfortable. How about a mini kitchen right in your living room, huh?

Using this method of combining space and kitchen in the Studio apartment, and living room will seem spacious even if the working surface will be concise and small.

Small kitchenette in an alcove the other way. Not blocking the aisle, does not weigh down the situation and, in fact, their function fulfills on hurrah!

But the mini-kitchen in the attic. Light, comfortable and not clumsy. In the crowded but not mad, as they say!

Small kitchen in apartment Studio can be the most comfortable place in your home, think about it and follow the helpful tips from Dekorin!

The kitchen is on the balcony in Studio apartment — lifehack advanced!

Your apartment is so small and nowhere to turn? Want to use for the benefit of every square inch? In this case, be with the kitchen?

The familiar dilemma? Now Dekorin will tell you the most stylish, unusual and, however, a simple solution to a balcony. Yes, Yes the kitchen is on the balcony in Studio apartment is not a myth and not a farce, this is a real design gem!

How to equip kitchen on the balcony?

  • Kitchen on the balcony — sounds good, but remember that things are not so simple. To start, you will need to coordinate the project with local authorities and to enter it into the record.
  • Then you need to take care of winterization of a balcony, because you can freeze in your own kitchen no joy, right?
  • The third step is to actually repair. Let’s look at some options.

A small partition, sonorous room from the kitchen to leave still stands, especially because it can be used as the bar-dining table (as in this photo)

. or even to beat the working surface (as in this).

In any case, will look beautiful.

You can make the balcony dining room. What? And lots of light and beautiful after having dinner with family while watching the views over the night city — priceless.

In General, keep an eye on, and decide which option will be best for you.

Phew, kind of discussed everything that had to do it! Admit it, you liked the article? And photo examples?

In fact, the team Dekorinочень tries. We want to make your life better, more comfortable and happier. I hope that our advice will suit your taste and will help. Let your kitchen in apartment Studio is the best, most beautiful and functional! Good luck and great achievements in the repair field!

Always yours,!

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