The kitchen in the French style. Ideas for design (70 photos)

The kitchen in the French style will look perfect and in the big house and the apartment of modest dimensions. Enough to see a few photos to forever fall in love with this surprising lightness, smooth lines and an abundance of textiles. What do you think about this interior? The designers of the project Decorinterior you ideas for cozy of kitchen equipment. Choose!

The kitchen in the French style with distinctive features

In the article “Building in the French style”, we touched on the subject of kitchen design. Today, let’s try to focus on this issue in more detail.

French style in the interior of the kitchen is difficult to confuse with any other. Usually, this spacious, bright rooms with large Windows.

For the walls, ceiling and floor are applied pastel shades:

  • beige;
  • grey;
  • olive;
  • blue;
  • ivory.

The abundance of technology in this kitchen are not welcome. Give preference to built-in varieties of range hoods, oven, dishwasher.

There are several main branches of the French style:

  • Palace. This style is characterized by elegance. The whole atmosphere of the kitchen is filled with a special energy. Elegance is evident in everything, down to the smallest detail. This luxurious wrought-iron chandelier, and flooring that mimic marble, luxurious kitchen set with carved details.

  • The kitchen cafe. This interior is invigorating and energy. To convey the charm of France, you can use the chairs with openwork backs, lamps hanging on long cords, neutral tones in the walls.

  • Provence (French country). This is the epitome of rustic style. Natural energy raw wooden beams, antique furniture, simple kitchen utensils which are exposed to show the main attributes of Provence. Must be a lot of cute textile stuff. Potholders, napkins, tablecloths, window curtains with a small figure — all this in the kitchen will be a place. And must be round wall clock.

French style in the interior — walls (examples pictured)

As mentioned in the article “Building in the French style”, the walls should be made in drab colours. The main task — to create a calm backdrop for furniture and other decor items.

It can be the Wallpaper in the small picture. Often choose prints, motifs which are repeated in the upholstery of furniture, curtains, covers for chairs, blinds.

It is also possible to align the walls with plaster and painted in pastel color. Tone pick little pale. Must create the impression that the paint is a little faded with time.

Sometimes used textured plaster. Here, examples of design, where one of the walls has not been processed. “Live” energy of the bare brick brings to the kitchen a fresh dynamic touch.

Still looks spectacular wall of rock.


French style in the interior of the kitchen involves the use of natural materials. What Paris does not tolerate the spirit is plastic. If you still plan to use artificial materials for decoration of walls or ceiling choose options that mimic natural.

The secrets of interior design in the French style. How to make a ceiling and floor in the kitchen?

To withstand the French style in the design of the kitchen, trying the floor and the ceiling is decorated the same way. Sharp transitions and contrasts are not characteristic of this interior trend. The entire design should create a single ensemble.

The ceiling rarely do just smooth and white. Palace style is characterized by stucco, extensive moldings, coffered ceiling allowed. In Provence often use rough wooden beams or their imitation.

In more modern interpretations of French style allowed the use of built-in lamps, different lighting, bunk to the ceiling. Here is a photo of interiors. Let’s see how interestingly presented this direction.

Sex in the kitchen in the French style can be made of:

  • natural wood;
  • granite;
  • marble;
  • floor ceramic tiles.

At the same color flooring as it merges with the General background of the interior.

Furniture — what is its role in kitchen design in French style?

So, with the design of the walls and floor clear. Go to the choice of furniture. The kitchen in the French style plays a major role. Sets, tables, Islands, open shelves, chairs — sometimes it seems like just too much. But quite a bit to delve into the essence of Parisian style to capture the point. There is nothing superfluous. Each item has some functional and emotional stress.

Here are examples of furniture in the Palace style. It seems that in the air hung the aristocratic spirit. Look at these noble shades, forms, and fine openwork carving.

Furniture occupies a lot of space and plays a major role. Often used mirrors. They are filling the space with light (by reflection). And mirror inserts are perfectly in tune with touches of gilding.

For a French country characteristic desks and cabinets with erased from time (or artificially) paint. In the facades almost never see flat shapes. Only the textured surface. Normally, the upper elements of the kitchen furniture with stained glass. This allows you to flaunt expensive antique dishes.

French country: how to put the accents in the interior of the kitchen?

That will be the finishing touch in the interior of French cuisine? Sometimes the design is connected, as the puzzles together quite unexpectedly. It can be:

  • carelessly thrown on the floor domotkan carpet;
  • grandma’s old dishes that are placed on the shelves for decoration;
  • light and airy textiles;
  • binding of red peppers hanging on the wall.

Here’s a tip from the designers of the project Decorin: do not use for design that is alien to you energy. Focus on decor items that cause you pleasant associations and emotions.

And what do you see kitchen in the French style? You discussed the basic principles of “building” design, reviewed the photos. Now it will be easy to “collect” your French interior. Do not rush, be patient to find the right element of decor. Look for those lamps, candlesticks, or chairs that will fit perfectly into the design. A little effort and you have a fashionable, stylish kitchen. And, most importantly, filled with the warmth of home.

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