The kitchen furniture of your dreams at 70 impressive photos

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Each of us wants his house was filled with comfort and beauty. Of course given the huge variety in the segment, this is not so difficult, but sometimes the choice becomes too difficult. Today, you will see kitchen furniture (photo attached, where do without them?), which will amaze and delight you with its beauty and functionality.

Are you ready to be inspired?


Beautiful and unusual kitchen furniture with photo examples

Let’s start with the most extraordinary examples. Tell me, you like to experiment? If your answer is “Yes”, then all you will see next, feel free to bring to life, and boldly proud of their creativity.

Look at the images below:

Beautiful kitchen furniture, right? And photos to prove it!

Incredible futuristic motifs shown in these photos:

In fact, if you even have any questions about practicality, don’t worry! Kitchenettes in these boxes — it is a wonderful miracle! Let us look at the “pros” of such a choice:

  • Saves space
  • Mobile, easy to transport when moving
  • Very ergonomic. A lot of hidden drawers and different shelves will make your life brighter!
  • Looks great! This kitchen you certainly will surprise all guests, to be sure.

But this photo is a representation of modern kitchen furniture inspired to the style of hi tech.

Looks unusual, but very functional and, overall, great. In this kitchen you certainly will be able to feel the brand’s chief new-fangled restaurant and will delight the family’s culinary fusion innovations. Tempting?

But the variant that deserves special attention.

Smooth, curved lines seem to take you to another planet! This kitchen furniture is made of high quality plastic (see photo), and it does not affect its strength and durability, believe me.

In General, if at heart you are an innovator and experimenter — take a look at these options and maybe one of them will be yours.

Options of kitchen furniture in the photo examples

What’s that, and the options of kitchen furniture in manufacturing a variety of very much. Photos of certain structures in the network a huge amount. Agree that in such hands, and getting lost is easy.

Let us consider exactly those options, which offers you Dekorin, because we always have the freshest ideas and trends!

Kitchen furniture for small kitchen

When, in the circumstances, you have to be limited in kitchen space, always think about what will have to sacrifice something. But believe me, it happens differently! Comfort, convenience and functionality it will provide kitchen furniture for small kitchen.

Look here:

What you see in the photo is not more nor less than a new emerging trend called “kitchenette”!

Small, customized precisely according to size garniturchik as if specially designed to meet the needs of the user. Here everything is very individual: a narrow passageway in the kitchen — you are on a table-transformer, not enough space — get a modular, hidden from the eyes of outsiders, the boxes! It is convenient so that no strength!

In General, as you can see, you can choose whatever you want, no matter what is your kitchen: sleek white or natural and noble wooden shades, or any other thing — be nice and convenient!

Kitchen furniture with his own hands from the tree: examples in the photo

As you know, wood never goes out of fashion, because of the furniture (and the kitchen in particular) is the most exquisite, eco-friendly and durable option.

And if you syschete the ability to make furniture with his own — this performance will be exclusive! Admit it, you like this?

Look at a special selection of photos from Dekorin and be inspired!

As you can see, kitchen furniture with his own hands out of wood (as pictured) is not such a bad option, on the contrary — very good! The main thing to have a head on your shoulders and very skillful hands!

Kitchen furniture bar: photos

Bar — extremely good option for the kitchen! That is why kitchen furniture Breakfast bar (example in photo) has become wildly popular. Let’s look at the pros of this device!

  • You can use the kitchens in the Studio instead of a dining table
  • A Breakfast bar divides the space in a Studio apartment
  • Stand looks great with any kitchen

I hope that seeing all these pictures you’re inspired, and at least one step closer to the idea of how it should look like the kitchen of your dreams!

Well, that has come to the end of our present educational program. Have faith in what we were able to shed light on the question of choosing the perfect kitchen.

Well, that kitchen furniture, which you now see in the photo, impressed and inspired you. Choose only the best for yourself and your family, surround yourself with beauty and often smile!

Good luck!

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