The interior of the living room, where there is little sunlight: 69 photos of design examples

The interior of the living room, where there is little sunlight, does not have to be bleak. With the right approach to design can successfully implement the most ambitious projects. Dekorin. me have prepared for you a selection of photos. Look how cozy and welcoming can be a room in which there is very little natural lighting. Choose what you like. Get inspired and tune into a pleasant change!

The interior of the living room, where there is little sunlight: where to start?

Bright and spacious the room is, of course, great. But what if the room does not clear up? Especially if only one window, still goes on the North side (or not at all).

Well, first, no need to worry. In any case, the existing situation can be used with the best.

The interior of the living room, where there is little sunlight, it is desirable to arrange in bright colors. This technique will visually expand the space, make it more light, airy. However, don’t overdo it: the abundance of white makes the interior frozen, faceless.

Don’t forget about the bright spots in the form of cushions, curtains or contrast of the original coffee table. Dilute a dull white color with flecks of blue, rich yellow, turquoise. It can be photo frame, paintings, original floor vases or figurines.

The optimal range for decor — the shades:

  • cream;
  • gold;
  • sand;
  • olive;
  • pale green;
  • pale blue;
  • light pink.

Importantly, the lack of light the colors looked dull and grayish.

But not everyone likes pastel colors. How to be, you ask? Listen to yourself, first. Because you live in an apartment, so you decide what it means for you “comfort”, “comfort”, and that causes depression and boredom.

Here in these photos, the living room, which is made in dark colors. Agree, this design looks worse.

Looks original interior design with elements of loft-style. Here, for example, exposed brickwork adds to the design of heat. Natural light in the living room, supplemented by artificial did the trick. The room was bright and cozy.

The sunlight in the living room: what to do if it’s inadequate?

For apartments, located on the first floor, and rooms, of which have a balcony or loggia, the lack of sunlight is a real problem. To “revive” the dark living room, you need to pay maximum attention to the lighting.

Try not to clutter the room with unnecessary items interior. Since sunlight is freer to get into the room and illuminate it.

Make sure that the light was tiered. Each functional area must be illuminated individually. Copes well with the lack of light LED lights, put on the perimeter of the ceiling area. The effect of “floating” creates the illusion of a lack of ceiling.

A good solution is to use a translucent suspended islets. They are perceived as huge lighting, but unlike the bulky chandeliers do not conceal the space. Glossy ceilings reflect up to 90% of light energy, so they too can be successfully applied, if the sunlight penetrates enough.

Today it is fashionable to use the light for its intended purpose. Decorative lamps, chandeliers a bit sidelined. Modern interior light as it merges with the finish, just appear from nowhere. The lighting is not distracting from the overall mood in the interior, is its logical continuation, harmoniously unites individual design elements.

But not in the classic style relevant for decades. In this case the individual areas can be illuminated with floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, wall lights.

This will allow you to adjust the brightness of the light depending on the situation. Comfortable rest after a busy day will contribute to a pleasant shade. But the house party will be happier if you turn and the main and additional lighting.

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A little light in the living room: what furniture to choose?

The shortage of natural lighting you need to get rid of all the excess. Plan design so as to leave only the most necessary. Cabinets, sofas, cabinets position on the perimeter. Well, if the color of the furniture echoes the tone of the walls. So she “merges” with the background, visually extending the space.

Discard and textured facades with openwork carving. They look good by themselves, but in this case will be heavier and dull space.

You should choose a flat glossy facades with reflective qualities. Consider where it is appropriate to use as decor mirror. Multiple reflection of the light stream will fill a living room light.

The lack of sunlight: some taboos in design

Properly selected textiles is half the battle. Shades rich colors crisp textures will weight the General perception of space. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to translucent tulle, organza.

If you still want curtains, then it is better to keep them as open and pick a color one shade darker than the walls.

And I just have to say goodbye is:

  • fluffy carpets (especially long pile);
  • velvet curtains;
  • lambrequins;
  • blankets, cushions and other decorative items with plaid pattern.

In the Studio apartment it is important to distinguish between functional areas. Plan to use partition? It is better to choose glass or tracery. Ideally, of course, let the separation will be visual. But the solid walls will only aggravate the situation with the lack of natural lighting.

What do you say, scrolling through photos? I agree that the interior of the living room, where there is little sunlight, you can make cheerful and homelike. Review photos that you have picked up the project team Dekorin. Select the ideas that are liked the most. Keep patience and go for it!

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