The garden design: inspiring ideas 70 photos

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Today Dekorin will offer you simple yet original ideas for decorating the space near the house. Viewing the photos you will see that it is not always a garden design requires a large investment of funds and the involvement of specialists. Take note of a few projects. Armed with garden tools and a great desire, and you will be able to create beauty.

How to begin the garden design?

Energy — the sea of ideas — a lot. What to do in the first place, to realize the dream of a beautiful garden design?

The main mistake of all designers and lovers that they are considering the building separately from the site. This is wrong. Therefore, the result is disappointing. The garden should be a logical continuation of the entrance of the house. You need to choose plants that will harmonize with the architectural style of the structure, color, dimensions.

It is equally important to take into account the illumination of the site during the day. If the area is dark, then expect a lush flowering in the flower beds is not worth it. It is better to consider the design of the picnic areas in the shade of the trees. In the summer there will be a nice escape from the heat.

Look at these photos.

See, it does not matter how many square meters you have available. Make attractive garden design can and on 6 acres.

Landscape garden design: choose a suitable style

Each style is at the whim of the owner of the site. We offer you some more photos of the projects.

If you look closely, it becomes clear why the design was successful. In each case, taken into account peculiarities of landscape, terrain garden plot area.

The garden design in the English style — all with their hands

On a spacious garden plot, you can implement a discreet design project in the English style. The peculiarity of this landscape — the most natural, Nika symmetry, flowing lines. No need to buy expensive vases — they can be made with your own hands. For example, wooden planks, old stumps, baskets. Or from used plastic containers — if they are painted with gray paint and decorate small pebbles, be original and inexpensive.

Distinctive features of the English style:

  • sweetly mown lawn;
  • trees and shrubs;
  • diverse vegetation;
  • Park area with trails.

A garden design in Mediterranean style (with photoexamples)

You can implement one of that kind of photo examples.

If your house forms a patio, feel free to choose the Mediterranean style for the arrangement of a garden plot on site. The peculiarity of this direction is the use in the design of natural stone, sea pebble. Allowed brick wall which is covered with curly vegetation.

In the relaxation area, you can arrange wood flooring, to supply wrought iron or wicker outdoor furniture with colorful cushions. Would be appropriate bulk flower vases, small sculptural elements. Ideally, if I can complete the picture with a fountain.

Difficulties can arise with the choice of plants. You need to choose varieties that will feel good on the site all year round.

Design project garden in the French style

For a large house of stone you need to choose appropriate framing. If the grounds are spacious, they can be a garden in the French style. The characteristics of such a design include:

  • a clear symmetry, which is evident in everything (in the location of tracks the location of green spaces);
  • proportionality;
  • geometrically correct lines.

Not superfluous in this landscape design will be antique statues, massive jugs, vases.

A garden design in Oriental style (+ photo gallery)

A small garden plot can be stylish to make, following Japanese trends in design. But note: on site no unnecessary or random details. Eastern philosophy does not tolerate haste, rashness. Flip through a selection in the photo gallery to view examples and determine do you like the direction or not.

The distinctive features of the landscape design in Japanese style is the ponds, tile roof on the gazebo neat, dwarf trees. Paths of a garden site it is possible to strew gravel.

If you like the philosophy of Feng Shui, take a look at photo examples of garden in the Chinese style. Trails, artificial lake, bridges, Buddha statue are the main strokes that you will learn this direction in design.

Design project of a garden plot in the style of minimalism + photos

Minimalism is unique in its kind the direction of. It doesn’t matter what it’s about: about interior design or garden plot. The main message in all the pictures — nothing more. These designs look stylish, fresh, creative. At the same time to develop the landscape in the spirit of minimalism can be on 3-4, and 10 acres — will succeed. For this area are not fundamental attachments. It is important to capture the essence and competently present the basic idea. Here is an example of such a design. How do you like this garden?

Plants here have not a decorative role. Rather, they are the link between the individual geometrical elements.

Landscape garden design: beauty with their hands

Do not be discouraged if your garden plot is tiny. Of course, on a modest site will not be able to fully implement all the ideas a certain direction in landscape design. But this is not necessary. Take a few items and fill the rest of the territory unshowy vegetation.

These are the fences for flowerbeds, walkways and even furniture can be done by hand.

Design lighting for the garden

Interesting design of the garden plot in the evening will sparkle with new colors, if you add to the project a touch of light.

Lights, located on both sides of the tracks, garlands with colored lights — all this creates a special atmosphere in the hours when the sun comes over the horizon.

Here is an example of an interesting illumination of the steps.

Fairy garden design, agree.

Design of garden plots: what you can make objects with their hands? (With photos)

Harmony between the individual elements of the landscape — that’s the key to success. In the center of the composition should be the main object. This can be a building with interesting architecture, lawn, flower garden. As additional details are:

  • gazebos;
  • fountains;
  • reservoirs;
  • track;
  • green spaces.

In the garden you can place the art objects made by your own hands. From old bike, for example, get a vintage pot.

And here is the photo of interestingly decorated flower garden.

Here, for example, a ball of wire, a decoration anyone can do it.

Concrete can self-cast steps, vases, curbstones. And, you can build a luxurious flower beds of stone.

Look how effectively you can grow vegetables.

Given the fact that the house is on a hill — it’s a great idea for landscape design.

More ideas on the design of a private house here.

Any garden design you liked? Then go for it. Dekorin team wishes you success. The main thing — to begin. Usually the process is so addictive that you can never stop. It’s nice to be on a beautifully decorated areas of the house. Especially if done with your own hands.

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