The furniture in the hallway in a classic style

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Classic furniture is the ability to create a stylish, sophisticated and elegant space. Manufacturers every year to create new collections that are ideal for traditional, classic interiors, and also for an eclectic design. Various options allow you to implement any idea, and create in the hallway right atmosphere. It can be elegant and luxurious, business-like and strict, or simple and homely. Light façades will make the room more elegant and rich dark colors give formality.

The advantages of classic hallways:

  • the furniture will not go out of fashion, and it does not have to change after repair or change the interior in the other rooms;
  • choosing classic furniture, it’s hard to lose a high-quality construction, it will always look relevant;
  • using traditional furniture can create the interior in a classical or neoclassical style, as well as in the Provence style, retro or art Deco.


The classical style is distinguished by the strictness, symmetry, proportion, and restrained decor. Furniture in this style direction chosen for elegant interiors that. Classic stools for the hall, shelving, cupboards look good the year before, in the last century, hasn’t lost its relevance today.

To recreate the style you need to choose furniture with natural shades and only of wood. Any imitation will be deprived of interior authenticity, just as not matching the style details — sliding doors or lighting.


The style of Neoclassicism, in contrast, is not afraid of experiments. If he is selected to design hallway, you can safely use modern functional elements, as well as individual items of furniture or decoration belonging to the contemporary style. Neoclassicism is a compilation. But to create a complete image, moderation will not be superfluous.

Priority should be soft, natural colors bright or saturated colors can be used as accents. When choosing furniture, we should dwell on the patterns of natural wood, the allowable presence of a mirror or glass facades.


The peculiarity of the style of Provence — it’s easy and elegant negligence. Strict cocoons when it was created there. But, to the interior could not “simple and flowers”, you need to remember about the main features of the style. As a basic background is better to choose shades of white, beige, lavender or sky blue. Most nature into the interior will bring different items open storage: hangers, shelves and racks.

Floral motifs are an integral part of the Provence style. But the key to successful implementation of the project to moderate their use. Not to be mistaken a simple rule, according to which the flowers should be or on the furnishings or on the walls.


Retro style also involves the use of traditional furnishings. It can be a wall hanger in classic style, the butterfly Cabinet, or wooden chest. The style is distinguished by a special quality. Furniture, retro interior, generally massive, and its main part is made of natural wood.

At the same time, retro not refers to any particular period of history, so to interpret it in different ways. Stalin’s Empire will help recreate classic cabinets and stools with leather upholstery. Fill the house with the pioneering spirit of the 60’s will allow large mirrors and bright colors in the decoration of furniture.

Art Deco

How extravagant would have been the style of art Deco, there will always be the classic elements. Often, it is the pieces of furniture. For the realization of art Deco fit fine stools with curved backrest, console table with carving, wall hanger, decorated with four wheel brace.

Hall in the style art Deco it is better to draw in natural light colours. Bright colors are best to use as inclusions. For example, on a background of white classic furniture will look great bright poufs, upholstered in velvet.

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