Gorgeous duplex apartment: 70 photos with real-world examples

Duplex apartment — incredible beauty innovations, recently entered into use, but it is rapidly filling our hearts. Probably everyone has ever dreamed of a large, multi-storey private house, and to make this dream a reality in the apartment — quite a rosy Outlook, right? Today’s article promises to be very informative and unusual, so be patient and take heed! Dekorin will gladly tell you about all the subtleties and nuances of duplex apartments and even disassemble the shelves design project Continue Reading

Decorative house for the garden or houses for beds — magical world.

Hello, dear readers! You have planned to transform the site, but still don’t determine what style it will be executed? Then I suggest you look to the houses of fairies that will help to recreate in Your garden a real, magical and even a little fairy-tale atmosphere! For starters, delve into the history of these lovely creatures – the small, cute fairies! Fairies are characters in Celtic and Germanic folklore, they are depicted as little men, with wings and pointy Continue Reading

Where to go on honeymoon — best resorts and hotels in the world

Planning a wedding? We offer to your attention 15 fabulous places that can make your honeymoon unforgettable! The most interesting resorts and luxury hotels for 2015 (TOP compiled version of the French Elle Decor): 1. Myanmar Bordering India, Thailand, China, Laos and Bangladesh, Myanmar is one of the most mysterious, diverse and culturally rich countries in South-East Asia. Due to the recent political shift it finally opened its doors to foreign tourists and then ascended the top countries for the Continue Reading