Bedroom in white color: a design that radiates tranquility

Bedroom in white color can be a real refuge. Tired from the bustle and bright colors, I want to experience the peace and quiet to recuperate. Look at these bedrooms. They have some kind of elusive magic, conducive to sleep. The project Dekorin this article proposes to discuss the design of the white bedroom. Bedroom in white color — what is their secret? (With photo examples) Making hall, we try to surprise the guests. In the living room — follow Continue Reading

Black and white interior bathrooms

The main color of the floor and ceiling in the design of a small bathroom designed in black and white, should be white. This technique will help to visually increase the size of the bathroom, to make it more spacious and bright. To “raise” the ceiling, you need to put a few vertical strips of black tiles. Tiles can have small geometric or floral ornament. But the best option is to put a vertical geometric shapes black tiles, or to Continue Reading

The white color in the living room

The white color allows you to visually expand the boundaries of the surrounding space. White has many shades and hues: cream, pearl cream, eggshell, chalk, snow, linen, cotton, white lilies, etc. White shades can create interiors in almost any style. Therefore, the white color in the interior are always relevant and never goes out of fashion.

Bedroom in white

Bedroom in white color is simple, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. A white bedroom always have a good time. Plus, it can be arranged as in a luxurious classic style and simple minimalism. Small bedroom in white color becomes much larger. Almost all finishing materials and furniture find in white color is quite simple. This color blends perfectly with any other color.

Theatrical black-and-white interior

If You love all the laconic, black and white interior is Your decision. Well, if You’re a romantic nature, then add theatrical effects. In our interior there are 2 things that immediately attract the attention of white floors and black accent. A masterful mix of furniture and accessories of different styles will allow You to create individual and unique interiors.

The white house in Massachusetts from HFP Ambuske Architects

Private residence on Nantucket island in Massachusetts was submitted by HFP Ambuske Architects Studio. Built in 1989, the old house didn’t like the new owners design and layout. Architects are fully dismantled design, retaining only the outer perimeter and, guided by the wishes of the client, made the mansion exclusively white.