How to combine Wallpaper? Rules trivial decor (70 photos)

The same paste over all 4 walls in the room is boring and unfashionable. Flipping pages the Internet-editions to learn how to combine Wallpaper? The project team Dekorin is a selection of photos. View how to design the interior. Read, but do not focus on General rules. Go to repair creative, and succeed! How to combine Wallpaper? The main idea Today it is fashionable unconventional, individual. Want to be in trend? Boldly embody the cherished interior of the imagination. And Continue Reading

Wallpaper on kitchen — 60 contemporary photo ideas for a perfect design

Choosing the perfect Wallpaper for the kitchen as pictured each of us stands before a huge selection. Texture, colour, material, price and quality — all these factors must be folded into one beautiful puzzle, but it’s not easy. How to make repairs in the kitchen as pleasant as possible, the decor is beautiful and choose the most suitable Wallpapers that will serve you for many years? Dekorin already knows the answer! So, get ready for an exciting journey into the Continue Reading

Washable Wallpaper for kitchen: usability and aesthetics (70 photos)

How to make a kitchen space, so cooking was convenient and the guests make no shame? Washable Wallpaper for kitchen — here’s the simple answer. Fat droplets, soot, stains from ketchup or wine can be washed off in a jiffy. And the interior will Shine again like new. Tile will cost 4 times more expensive, but painting requires a serious training base. Dekorin have selected for you the samples of the interiors. Look, choose, get inspired! Washable Wallpaper for kitchen: Continue Reading

Wallpaper for the kitchen: 50 photos in a modern style

In this article, we collected 50 new photos of kitchens 2018, in different styles and color combinations with the use of washable Wallpaper. Here you will see the best examples of how the Wallpaper in the kitchen can be used as an apron or as a branch of the cooking area from the dining room. From the beautiful mural that can inspire you in the morning, to the luxurious textures that can transform any wall, there are only the Wallpaper Continue Reading

Wallpaper 3D for walls — 60 photo interesting options

In the twenty-first century interior designers have learned a really bright and unusual to decorate the room. Wallpaper 3D for walls — direct proof. Look at the bright picture on some of the Wallpaper: it seems that the image comes to life. Using Wallpaper 3D, easy to do accent wall and giving zest to the room. Dekorin offers to see next photo with 3D Wallpaper. 3D Wallpapers: features 3D Wallpapers differ from normal Wallpapers by the fact that they suffered Continue Reading

3D photo Wallpaper in the interior — 59 photo in modern design

3D photo Wallpaper in the interior — a very beautiful type of finish used for walls and ceilings. They have quite a large variety of colors, patterns and textures which make a room original, cozy and yet spacious. In our article, we will look at what are the different types of 3D Wallpapers. You will also learn how to make this material a particular room. And in this article we have collected many beautiful examples which demonstrate the originality of Continue Reading

Ceiling paintable Wallpaper

Great demand for ceiling Wallpaper that you can repaint in any shade. In our dynamic time, the material is very relevant, it’s not often you receive the opportunity to spend another repairs. Ordinary Wallpaper is not durable, will have to glue in three years. After such period, they begin to appear yellowed stains, and becomes noticeable neelektrizuyuscheysya dust. Paintable Wallpaper, allow for a major overhaul once every ten years. They simply periodically repaint. In addition, these Wallpapers provide a creative Continue Reading

How to glue ceiling Wallpaper

How to glue ceiling Wallpaper?! It is necessary to know certain rules and to apply a range of well-designed, tested, simple methods. This will be discussed in this article. Milestones: 1. Surface preparation. The ceiling should be free from peeling of previous coatings — paint, tiles, Wallpaper. Then, the base must be levelled with putty and walk primer. By the way, work should be carried out in an unventilated room, so all Windows and doors must be completely closed. 2. Continue Reading

, Wallpaper – sophistication velvety surface

Wallpaper, are made double, as the basis is non-woven or paper, which is sprayed the next layer — the flock (pile made of polyamide or viscose). In the production of flagowych Wallpaper, use only those materials that meet environmental standards, so these Wallpapers resellergenie and completely non-toxic. They can be safely used as living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms. In appearance, the Wallpaper is very diverse, can be colored, plain, embossed or smooth. Cleaning Wallpaper can make normal, dry cloth. Continue Reading

Cork Wallpaper

Cork Wallpaper allow room to “breathe”, which helps keep the apartment or house favorable microclimate. These Wallpapers do not absorb odors and do not absorb moisture, and all thanks to the special impregnation based wax. Impregnation fills the pores of the tube, thereby blocking the penetration of odors or moisture. Cork Wallpaper has an interesting texture, a beautiful appearance and also are environmentally friendly.   Cork Wallpaper for walls elementary to clean, simply vacuum the surface using a small nozzle. Continue Reading