The porch to the house — the main types of materials and ideas 60 photo

The porch is one of the indispensable elements of the input part of the building of any house. In fact, this design represents an open or a closed platform at the entrance. The porch to the house is such a card, the face of your home. Therefore, its design must be approached with the utmost seriousness and attention. Today, along with designers Dekorin we will talk about the types and materials and decide which porch to the house will be Continue Reading

Chandeliers in the kitchen in a modern style: types, design and the subtleties of choice

In modern interior design every detail is important. Be it a chair or a wall clock — whatever. A single incorrectly selected item and all harmony is broken! Chandeliers in the kitchen in a modern style and require the same attention as the façade or even the exterior finish, for example. What chandelier to choose in the kitchen? Today know. Get ready, there will be a lot of creative ideas! Go! Chandeliers in the kitchen interior As for the location Continue Reading

Extendable dining table: types and functionality

In your apartment a little space? Love to take guests, but want to do without massive dining room furniture? Then folding dining table is exactly what you need. Today we will discuss how to choose the right table-transformer and successfully fit it into the interior of your apartment. Go! The types of folding tables Extendable dining table-book The design idea is not new, even in the late twentieth century, every housewife in the former Soviet space, it was possible to Continue Reading

Horizontal blinds for Windows: types and materials

Horizontal window blinds appeared not so long ago, but immediately gained the attention of interior designers. Entering the room, people pay attention to the window in the first place, so it is important to make them beautiful and attractive. Horizontal blinds are very good at this task. They are suitable for PVC and wooden window frames. In this article Dekorin will talk about the main types of horizontal blinds and their use in the interior. Types of horizontal blinds There Continue Reading

How to choose the shower door: types, functions, ideas and recommendations for care

Shower cabin design, has long been included in the daily routine of each of us. It is ergonomic and comfortable structure is appropriate not only in malogabaritkah and studios. Even if you own a hundred square meters of housing, a shower will become an indispensable attribute of a bathroom and to construct it correctly — it is not easy. Today we’ll show you how to choose the shower door that will fit well in the interior will be functional, reliable, Continue Reading

Vertical window blinds with fabric for different types of premises

Current trends interior design, home and office, tend to the laconic, stylish, elegant, graceful design. Vertical blinds on Windows — this is the option that fully meets these criteria. They have many positive characteristics, making a high demand. In this article we will discuss the variety of models available on the market, blind vertical fabric, as well as, advice on how to conduct correct measurements. Varieties of vertical window blinds Fabric vertical window blinds, photos-examples of which You can see Continue Reading

Metal stand for shoes in the hallway: types and possible modifications

Obuvnitsy have become an integral part of the hallways, especially in small apartments where set aside for the storage of clothing and shoes an entire room – just not possible. The increased interest in this subject led to the fact that the modern furniture market is replete with cabinets and shelves for shoes, made of different materials. Today I would like to dwell on obuvnitsu of metal. The contents 1 whether in the hallway, metal stand for shoes 2 Types Continue Reading

Wall and ceiling lamps — 30 photos of various types of

In creating the cozy and comfortable interior space plays a big role in lighting, which can be quite diverse. Wall and ceiling lamps, which are recognized as universal, that can be attached to a ceiling surface and the wall. They have quite a lot of mounting methods, shapes and designs. Very popular Austrian wall and ceiling lamps Globo, presented on our market in a huge variety, as well as models of Italian and domestic producers. In this article we will Continue Reading

Toilet-bidet — types and design features of the model

Many of us would like to have a variety of quality and convenient plumbing for the bathrooms, though in small apartments is not always possible and you have to choose the most necessary. Modern toilet-bidet — multifunction plumbing equipment that allows you to have two essential elements, without taking up additional space. At the same time, according to users, it is pretty easy to use. In this article You will be able to see what is a toilet with bidet Continue Reading

Floors in a private house — types of flooring and how to make them yourself

In the process of developing a construction project, one way or another, the question arises on which there is no clear answer, what should be the floors in a private house. It can be wooden, concrete, bulk, composite and other design, having its positive and negative sides. Often the owners do construction work, to save some money. Let’s look at which floors are best to do in a private home, based on their main characteristics, as well as the sequence Continue Reading