How to make table in ceramic tiles by hand

Table with top made of ceramic tiles, in any room looks very presentable, and its practicality and convenience leaving out of competition the same tables from other materials. The finished table with a ceramic top is very decent, and in its coloring you may not like it. A good option to purchase a piece of furniture is its independent production. Especially what to do so any person who befriends with tools. The result of your efforts will be the exclusive Continue Reading

The original tiles in the bathroom

Ceramic tile is the most commonly used material of walls and floor in the bathroom. The reason for this popularity is: • Relative ease of operation. • Operation tiles in the bathroom. To care for ceramic tile is quite simple, it is not afraid of moisture, dirt and the action of chemicals. The only thing it needs to be protected from blows. Although the bathroom is not a kitchen and fall in it can only be man himself. • Huge Continue Reading

The layout of the tiles in the bathroom — 30 photos of beautiful drawings

Of all the ways to design the walls and floor surface of the bathroom, already long time exists and does not lose its relevance the layout of the tiles in the bathroom. And it is quite justified, since the ceramic tile is the most practical material, having high strength and moisture resistance. Many believe this option is a relic of Soviet times, and spend quite a lot of time looking for something special. But this opinion may change if to Continue Reading

Mirror ceiling tiles — fascinating luster of surface

Mirror ceiling tile is widely used at the interiors of various rooms: living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, restaurants and office buildings. This tile not only looks flawless, but also can visually expand the space, and everything else perfectly cleaned of contaminants. Mirror tile is of two types: polystyrene and glass. Looks more solid still, glass tile, mirror Shine which attach with spraying reflective amalgam. Such plates are quite heavy, especially in comparison with light polystyrene tiles. But there are advantages: Continue Reading

Liquid tiles, 3D tiles or interactive floor

Tile 3D (additional names — liquid tile, or interactive live tile) is an original and modern flooring. In moments of contact with the surface tiles inside of the material if the movement takes place, the gel is constantly moving, thereby changing the patterns and colors. A live tile can be used in indoor commercial establishments (clubs, bars, bowling alleys, etc.) and private, domestic rooms (bathroom, nursery, hallway, kitchen). The benefits of live tiles: The advantages of 3D tiles is the Continue Reading

Panels of tiles is a stylish and versatile decoration design: 50 photos

The use of tiles in the design is not rare, it is used in decoration of bathroom, kitchen, as a floor covering, etc. to Dilute the boring, monochromatic color scheme will help a panel of tiles. Decorative ornament from ceramic — a great way to enliven and diversify the interior. Large panels of tiles look especially nice, expensive and realistic. Despite its luxurious appearance, this decoration is available at a price almost everyone, through this article you will learn more Continue Reading

The porcelain tiles in the interior

What makes porcelain tiles the most attractive flooring today? It’s very simple – it is the ability of porcelain to repeat, to imitate almost any surface. You will be able to afford the floors made of travertine, onyx, marble, slate, and virtually any natural stone antiqued oak plank, bamboo, concrete, etc. And this in the old days, this flooring is traditionally laid, only in the hallways and the rooms with wet areas. Today’s technology allows granite to take very wide Continue Reading

The majolica tiles in the interior

First of all, maiolica is ceramics, painted and covered with glaze. Pattern can be both flat and embossed. A bit of history. First, a tile appeared in deep antiquity in the Middle East and Europe, she came through the Spanish island of Majorca (hence the name). It was later repeated in the Netherlands. If the Oriental majolica decorated with ornaments and patterns, the Dutch tiles at the scenes of hunting and battle of battles, scenes from rural life, mills, etc. Continue Reading

Bathroom without tiles

As a rule, when making a bathroom, a favorite among materials is tile. However, we should reflect and show originality. To create a cozy and comfortable interior without use. Hard to argue with the fact that parameters such as environmental friendliness, durability and appearance, ceramic tile is a leader among other materials. That’s why she is so popular today, and most of the ideas of interior bathroom requires its use. But is it possible in this case to talk about Continue Reading

Than to wash the tiles in the bathroom: the best cleaning methods

This article describes how to clean the bathroom tile, what tools and methods it is better to use and what the nuances in the laundering of tiles to consider. Bathtub pure white color with shiny faucets, polished to a Shine and is striking in its beauty, tile is not only found in fashion magazines – knowing how to clean tiles in the bathroom, such bathroom can possess anyone. Clean tile Of course, often a bathroom looks just the opposite, catches Continue Reading