How to make table in ceramic tiles by hand

Table with top made of ceramic tiles, in any room looks very presentable, and its practicality and convenience leaving out of competition the same tables from other materials. The finished table with a ceramic top is very decent, and in its coloring you may not like it. A good option to purchase a piece of furniture is its independent production. Especially what to do so any person who befriends with tools. The result of your efforts will be the exclusive Continue Reading

Dressing table for girls — educate future beauty

A woman should be able to use makeup – it’s reality. But if the comprehension of the intricacies of applying makeup can be deferred until adulthood, the interest and even the habit of using shadows, lipstick and powder, have to be inculcated from childhood. Interesting Flirty woman can only be the girl who taught herself to decorate. The contents 1 the Purpose of dressing table for girls 2 Types 3 From which they are produced 4 Price furniture The purpose Continue Reading

A dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom – a necessary luxury

Vanity, of course, applies to luxury items. Not because the product almost always has a very elegant shape and really is a jewel, and due to the fact that is not included in the list of priority things. In the bedroom it appears only in the case if the room is big enough. The contents 1 When you need a vanity mirror? 2 Types 3 As it is better to enter into the interior of the bedroom 3.1 Classification of Continue Reading

Computer table from IKEA – the attractiveness in the simplicity of the solution

Computer Desk gradually from the attribute office turned into an accessory dwelling. In addition, in connection with the emergence of new kinds of intelligent equipment, it undergoes a variety of transformations. Of course, the manufacturing company of home products, IKEA could not include in its range of such furniture. The contents 1 Trends and developments 2 a Variety of computer desks in IKEA catalog 2.1 For PC 2.2 For laptop Trends and novelties The computers in the house can be Continue Reading

Table made of plywood — 65 photos in modern style

Furniture defines the character of the room and sets the mood. Table made of plywood can become interesting accent living room, study, dining area. The team of designers Dekorin have prepared for you a special selection of photos. Let’s see how some unusual and original there are tables. I hope that this article will help you to look at the plywood furniture with a new angle. Why is the table made of plywood can compete with models of other materials? Continue Reading

Computer table white color is a universal solution for any interior

The color of the furniture depends on the style of the room and from its destination. To a lesser extent from the material of manufacture. However, the richness of dark and light shades, bright colors and halftones can not affect the popularity of the white. Computer desks have become such a piece of furniture, which is further proof of the attractiveness of white. The contents 1 what is the reason for the unprecedented popularity of white computer desks? 2 Used Continue Reading

Table made of plywood with their hands — simply and beautifully

It makes living in the house comfortable and cozy. In this article Dekorin will talk about how to make a table out of plywood with their hands. Of course, you can buy in the store ready-made furniture, but it is unlikely to be perfectly fit your needs. Their own hands to make a table of the desired size and be confident in the quality of the product. Besides, it is always a pleasure to use furniture which made his own. Continue Reading

What folding kitchen table to choose — 67 photo ideas

Well, when the kitchen is spacious — it’s easy to arrange on your own. If the room is small, then a folding kitchen table can be a great solution. This will help not only optimum use of space, but to create a cozy atmosphere in the dining area. We offer you to look at the pictures and choose the suitable option. Maybe one of them will help you to submit your updated kitchen with a new dining table. What are Continue Reading

Extendable dining table: types and functionality

In your apartment a little space? Love to take guests, but want to do without massive dining room furniture? Then folding dining table is exactly what you need. Today we will discuss how to choose the right table-transformer and successfully fit it into the interior of your apartment. Go! The types of folding tables Extendable dining table-book The design idea is not new, even in the late twentieth century, every housewife in the former Soviet space, it was possible to Continue Reading

Table in a loft style: features, fashionable variations and tweaks

The loft came to us relatively recently, however, this did not prevent him instantly to fall in love with plenty of hearts. Massive details, wood and steel; creative solutions, giving old things a new life — isn’t that sweet? Today let’s talk about how to choose the right table in the loft, to successfully fit it into the interior, and even to create such a masterpiece himself. Ready? Then went! Table in the loft: where to put and how to Continue Reading