Kitchen in the Japanese style: Oriental splendor on 50 photos

Kitchen in the Japanese style — choice of true philosophers. You must agree, everyone wants to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own apartment? Japanese style in interior design like no other will help you in finding your “Zen” and make the world around you a little better. Look at the photo: Confess, wanted the same? Then go ahead! Kitchen in the Japanese style: good design, photos examples Kitchen in Japanese style is a great example of design that combines Continue Reading

Kitchen in the English style — ideas for the decor+70 pictures

Kitchen in the English style — not a cheap pleasure. This interior will appeal to true conservatives and lovers of good-quality materials. Designers Dekorin propose to run through the main features of this interior areas. Read, watch selected photos. And then decide whether you want a decoration in your kitchen or not. What is remarkable kitchen design in the English style? Take a look at the design of the kitchen. They are all different in mood, atmosphere, but they share Continue Reading

The furniture in the hallway in a classic style

Classic furniture is the ability to create a stylish, sophisticated and elegant space. Manufacturers every year to create new collections that are ideal for traditional, classic interiors, and also for an eclectic design. Various options allow you to implement any idea, and create in the hallway right atmosphere. It can be elegant and luxurious, business-like and strict, or simple and homely. Light façades will make the room more elegant and rich dark colors give formality. The advantages of classic hallways: Continue Reading

Country style in the interior apartments and houses: country comfort photo

Country style in the interior looks so interesting that more and more people choose it for decoration of their homes. It is clear that this is no accident, because the rustic coziness creates a sweet, warm, family atmosphere from which to get out you do not want! If you are thinking over how to properly arrange the interior of the house (or apartment) in a country style, you here! Show, tell, and, as always, will tell! Ready? Go! Country style Continue Reading

Magnificent bedroom Scandinavian style: beauty 60 photos

Bedroom in Scandinavian style — this is perhaps one of the most trendy and popular trends in interior design today. This style has successfully been initiated, changed and settled in our hearts and homes. And why? Yes, because the Scandinavian style calls for of lightness, freedom, and making you feel like a Princess in a beautiful castle called the apartment. Today, together with professionals Dekorin roll up our sleeves, we are inspired to arrange a bedroom in a Scandinavian style. Continue Reading

Excellent cuisine in the style of hi-tech: 55 impressive photos

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech is striking not only for its beauty but also functionality. Connecting modern technology and practicality — that’s the secret of success of this style. In today’s article, portal Decorin will shed light on the different nuances and features high-tech style in the conventional design, urban kitchen, and will enable you to inspiration up to 55 photos of ready-made options for kitchens in style hi-tech. Go! Modern kitchen in style hi-tech: some examples with photos Continue Reading

The kitchen in the neo-classical style: the embodiment of progressive ideas and a tradition

The kitchen in the neo-classical style will appeal to those who are not ready for radical interior solutions, however, wants to make the cooking area a fashionable and modern. Here live in harmony the luxury of the restraint and progress. Today, designers Dekorinрассматривают “pros” and “cons” of Neoclassicism, give practical recommendations for the design of kitchens. Let’s watch together what’s what. Kitchen in the style of neo-classicism: distinguishing traits Look at these dishes. See Economics, neoclassical Economics has much in Continue Reading

King bedroom in classic style: the secrets and photo examples

In pursuit of fashion and new trends designer we forget that sometimes classic quality is what we need. As an example, the bedroom in classic style is not arrogant, not archaic and not the old, and Vice versa. Classics for the every time to rise from oblivion and look true at all times. Want to learn how to build a high-quality interior of bedroom in classic style with the best designers Decorin? Then went! Bedroom design in classic style: photo Continue Reading

Apartment design in loft style: how to create a creative atmosphere?

Apartment design, loft-style can cause a variety of feelings: admiration, astonishment and delight … until a light stupor and complete denial. But this style does not leave anyone. In this article the designers of the project Decorin picked up the photos with the options of accommodation space. This design can be performed in a conventional apartment. Of course, if you are imbued laptevym mood… in the mood? It may look flat in the loft? 6 characteristic features Liftovy design today Continue Reading

Style minimalist interior design ideas 70 photos

Style minimalist interior affects the severity of the lines, functionality and aesthetics. There is nothing superfluous, but the design looks elegant with the gloss. The project team Dekorin offers you a selection of photos with minimalist interiors. Watch and decide — like them or not. Maybe a couple photos will inspire you to makeover the house. Style minimalist interior: a balance on the brink of austerity and pedantry Say, the style in which the room is decorated, you can judge Continue Reading