Kitchen in the Japanese style: Oriental splendor on 50 photos

Kitchen in the Japanese style — choice of true philosophers. You must agree, everyone wants to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own apartment? Japanese style in interior design like no other will help you in finding your “Zen” and make the world around you a little better. Look at the photo: Confess, wanted the same? Then go ahead! Kitchen in the Japanese style: good design, photos examples Kitchen in Japanese style is a great example of design that combines Continue Reading

Purple bathroom — splendor of style!

The issue of creating innovative and unusual, maybe even a little outrageous interiors in recent years is very serious. Almost every owner of a house or apartment wants to reproduce the most unusual design, but that he, at the same time was a harmonious, pleasant to the perception, and just as comfortable! One thing is for sure — the purple bathroom will successfully combine all of the above requirements.We all know that every shade of the color palette, is divided Continue Reading

The Art Deco style in the interior is chic, sophistication, splendor!

Hello, dear readers! Despite the fact that interior fashion is very changeable, in recent years, highly appreciated the design of the house or apartment in the same style, for example in the stylistic direction of Art Deco (an alternative name for Art Deco)! But what is so attractive art Deco style in the interior? Most likely, its popularity is due to luxurious appearance, share minimalist, vintage influences and a fusion of contemporary motifs. The content of the page Characteristic features Continue Reading