Kitchen corner sofa is an ergonomic solution for dining area

If you choose between a stool, a chair, an armchair and a sofa, the solution seems straightforward, as it takes into account only the comfort of the seat. Actually eat and sit comfortably – not one and the same. Therefore, corner sofas for kitchen have a number of features that markedly distinguish this furniture from the options in the living room. The contents 1 Advantages and disadvantages of corner kitchen sofas 2 Dimensions 3 Kinds of designs 4 Where to Continue Reading

Wardrobes IKEA is a great solution for storing things in the bedroom

IKEA offers its customers products for every occasion. Today we will be acquainted in detail with a series of wardrobes for the bedroom. Bedroom is a place for sleep and rest, but also functions as a storage of all things. This room can be large or very compact. But this does not negate the availability of things that need to be stored somewhere. IKEA offers several wardrobes for bedrooms that solve these problems: HEMNES, PAX, MORVIK, TODALEN, TRYSIL. Get acquainted Continue Reading

Computer table from IKEA – the attractiveness in the simplicity of the solution

Computer Desk gradually from the attribute office turned into an accessory dwelling. In addition, in connection with the emergence of new kinds of intelligent equipment, it undergoes a variety of transformations. Of course, the manufacturing company of home products, IKEA could not include in its range of such furniture. The contents 1 Trends and developments 2 a Variety of computer desks in IKEA catalog 2.1 For PC 2.2 For laptop Trends and novelties The computers in the house can be Continue Reading

Computer Desk small in size – efficient solution for the operation of the computer

Desktop computer – the whole set of equipment, and quite a decent size, so place it on a normal horizontal surface will fail. In addition, the person working on the computer needs to maintain the correct posture, otherwise the work will have an impact on health. Both conditions require a certain space. And therefore small computer Desk has a well-defined sizes. The contents 1 Features of computer tables small size 2 Types and modifications 2.1 Variants of structures 2.2 Products-transformers Continue Reading

Computer table white color is a universal solution for any interior

The color of the furniture depends on the style of the room and from its destination. To a lesser extent from the material of manufacture. However, the richness of dark and light shades, bright colors and halftones can not affect the popularity of the white. Computer desks have become such a piece of furniture, which is further proof of the attractiveness of white. The contents 1 what is the reason for the unprecedented popularity of white computer desks? 2 Used Continue Reading

Hinged wardrobe in the hallway – solution, time-tested

Hinged wardrobe traditional furniture in the hallway, a familiar and quite comfortable. Such a model is preferable and for hallway and living room in a classic style. But in the avant-garde her place too. The contents 1 the appropriateness of the purchase 2 Types of products in depth 2.1 60 cm 2.2 50 cm 2.3 40 cm 2.4 35 cm 2.5 30 cm 3 Ideas for design 4, and hinged wardrobes in the hallway The expediency of purchase The dispute Continue Reading

Built-in wardrobes – economical, practical, and beautiful solution

Built-in furniture is the default larger one. The explanation is simple: the wardrobe from floor to ceiling uses the entire space to the last centimeter. Furniture such dignity is not. However, the Cabinet with the floor and rear wall can be moved to another location or even to another apartment, while the built-in furniture is its position forever. So, whether or not built-in wardrobe in the hallway depends on how long the inhabitants of the apartment are going to live Continue Reading

Narrow obuvnitsy in the hallway is the best solution for small corridors

Almost all modern styles of rooms tend to minimalism and hidden from the eyes of things that are not part of the interior. As confirmation of this thesis can result in the closets, which are safely hiding behind their doors clothes and other home textiles. In relation to shoes this function is performed obuvnitsy, allowing compact positioning of the existing house shoes. Besides, thanks to the efforts of designers, this element can easily become a real decoration of Your hallway. Continue Reading

Hanging chair in the interior is original and comfortable solution for home

Swing traditionally considered to be the accessory of the Playground. In the house they most often appear in children and look like a regular plastic seat suspended by ropes. Actually there is an “adult”, stylish and original version of the swings – hanging chair. The contents 1 To what interior will fit a suspension seat? 2 what to look for when buying? 3 sales 4 Price and photo What interior will fit a suspension seat? To find a place this Continue Reading