Corner dishes for small kitchen — 70 photos a good design

How to organize cooking and eating, if the area is restricted? Corner dishes for small kitchen — here is the answer. Yes, you have to make compromises and to wrestle with the design. But the end result is comfort and beauty is worth it. Team Dekorinпредлагает to look at an interesting selection of photos. I think you’ll get the gist, and then it is small. Choose a starting point, zaschepit sleeves and go for it! Design small corner kitchen photo Continue Reading

Small kitchen set: 70 photos of ideas for stylish solutions

In your apartment a little space, and the kitchen is more like a pantry? Do not despair, better pick up the small kitchen, following the advice of professionals! In today’s article we will talk about the benefits, types and rules of selection of kitchen furniture for small apartments and you will see that a small kitchen can be not only beautiful but very roomy. Ready? Go! Kitchen sets for small kitchen: successful examples of design in the photo It Continue Reading

Design a small balcony: 70 inspirational ideas

Design a small balcony, you can think so that this room will become your favorite place in the apartment. Don’t believe? But the project team Dekorin will try to convince you. View a selection of photos. You will know what to store on the balcony of old skis or a broken bike yesterday. Design ideas small balcony To build a few square meters of a small balcony. If you approach the design of soul — interior does a superb job! Continue Reading

Minimalist interior design project of a small apartment

This apartment interior pays tribute to the traditional Scandinavian style, characterized by clearly defined spaces,the desire for comfort and functionality. The color palette consists of white, gray, black and brown. The apartment has an elegant, but very clear interior. That is why, probably, the wooden decor is present to “soften” some of the hard spaces.

Ideas for small bedrooms

Creating the interior for a small bedroom you have to solve two tasks: first: the best way to place everything you need second: to make a bedroom more visually, to go beyond the proposed space. If you give up bedside tables in favor of bedside cabinets you will win a significant space. If you have a narrow and long bedroom divide it into 2 zones by using screens or high headboard. If absolutely nothing turns out to fit in a Continue Reading

The design of a small apartment in Amsterdam

Small apartment required a complete redesign and purpose of the interior design in this case was to create a cozy space for living, as well as a compact arrangement of parts in the interior. So, corridor, wardrobe and kitchen are located on one side of the apartment and as if hidden behind a wooden wall. The wall on the opposite side is also made of wood and has a built-in bench, fireplace and storage room. The walls, floor and ceiling Continue Reading

Small interior small apartment

This compact penthouse apartment in Stockholm is equally suited to a bachelor. With amazing views of the city, the small apartment is brightly decorated. The corner bookcase in the main living area attracts attention with its collection of bottles on the top shelf. Brightly lit by the sun, living-dining room. Well located kitchen area. Everything is not evident. The color of the furniture maximum merges with the color of the walls. Grey brick wall hides the bathroom and the bedroom. Continue Reading

Alteration of a small apartment, 40 sq.m.

Redevelopment and interior design of a small apartment in tel Aviv(Israel) come to fruition. A small area of only 40 sq. m. has been a major problem for the hostess. Unprecedented growth in housing prices over the past three years have forced residents to change apartments to a newer and larger area, and look for ways to improve existing housing conditions. The owner of this residence decided to turn her small Studio into a full-fledged apartment with a dedicated bedroom, Continue Reading