The design of the hall in a private house: 60 photos of examples of successful solutions

In order to make the design of the hall in a private home, most often, have to bother. Agree, because hall is the face of the whole house, a room that should reflect the style and General spirit of the home. Today experienced designers of the project Dekorinприготовили for you the most interesting selection of photos of examples of successful solutions for the design of the hall in a private house. Are you ready to share inspiration? Go! The design Continue Reading

Kitchen living room in a private house: 70 successful photo ideas

There is nothing better than decorate your own house. All the dreams, plans and personal design ideas can bring here. Combined kitchen living room in a private home will wrap you in comfort, will please a beautiful setting and surprising functionality if you listen to the advice portal Are you ready for change? Then went! The kitchen is combined with living in a private home: advantages and disadvantages Combined the interior of a room is not uncommon these days. Continue Reading

Private house in Italy

Designer Victor Vasilev worked on the design of a private house, built in the 1990s and devoid of any ambition. The owners wanted to completely change the interior, making it “Milan” and “cutting-edge”. The main objective was to give the room warmth and functionality to create a homely atmosphere.

Perfect private house with garage under one roof — 20 photos

It often happens that when the construction of a private house, square footage does not allow to allocate a separate place for car garage. To build a house with garage under one roof will be the most convenient and practical solution for this problem. This option has its advantages and disadvantages. However, if house plan with garage under one roof are done properly, the advantages of this solution would prevail over the disadvantages. In this article we will discuss the Continue Reading

Kitchen design in private house: 80 photos of ideas for inspiration

Design kitchen in a private home in the photo perfect, right? If you are the owner of a country estate — there’s good news. Indeed, in this case you can have a much more extensive space and not confine yourself to the standard layouts of city skyscrapers. Own home — it’s nepahannoe field for ideas, is a wonderful ground for inspiration and a wonderful occasion for the realization of creative potential. How to design kitchen in a private home stylish Continue Reading

Beautiful staircase for a private home — 40 photos

To choose the right design for the porch of a private home, you need to assess your budget and needs as well as to consider photos of various ready-made solutions. The last task Dekorin fulfilled for you in this article you will learn what could be the porch to a private house in form, materials and decoration with the examples in 40 photos. Porch in private home — beautiful options with photos The size and shape of the porch to Continue Reading