Kitchen in the English style — ideas for the decor+70 pictures

Kitchen in the English style — not a cheap pleasure. This interior will appeal to true conservatives and lovers of good-quality materials. Designers Dekorin propose to run through the main features of this interior areas. Read, watch selected photos. And then decide whether you want a decoration in your kitchen or not. What is remarkable kitchen design in the English style? Take a look at the design of the kitchen. They are all different in mood, atmosphere, but they share Continue Reading

Curtains-strands in the interior: an unusual and stylish decor +70 pictures

Want to refresh the design and add to his house of mystery? Curtains-strands in the interior — what you are looking for. The project Dekorin have prepared a selection of photos. Look at this fragile, airy decor. The muslin can be presented in different ways. But it will always attract attention, emphasize your exquisite taste. Curtains-strands in the interior design with photo examples Muslin was at one time unjustly forgotten. But today, in the interiors it is used quite often. Continue Reading

The color of the facade of the kitchen — how to choose a good option? (+70 pictures)

Puzzled how to choose the color of the facade of the kitchen? And rightly so. The taste and quality of meals depends on your mood. So, in the kitchen you should be nice, comfortable and cozy. The designers of the project Dekorin offer you my view on decorating the kitchen space. Read our article, see the pictures and decide what suits you. How to choose the color of the facade of the kitchen — fashionable or practical? All Housewives obsessed Continue Reading

Modern small kitchens — 70 pictures with ideas how to build

In small apartments, the organization of the living space (especially in the cooking area!) raises many questions. But if the emphasis is placed, correctly, modern small kitchen becomes nice and cosy “nests”. Our designers have prepared for you an interesting selection of photos. Let’s see what we can do. And what are the ways to visually add volume and depth to the small room. Ready? Look. Modern small kitchens: comfort and ergonomic design A specific set of design “tricks” allows Continue Reading

White carpet in the interior — 70 pictures with interesting ideas for design

White carpet universal — it is often used in the design of various facilities. If you plan to change something in your living room, bedroom or nursery, look at the next photo. Maybe you want to dilute usual color is white. This is the most pure and bright color, it inspires and inspires. But exactly how to use rugs in white color in the interior — this is today they say the designers Dekorin. White carpets in living room interior Continue Reading

New year’s toys on the Christmas tree with their hands — 45 beautiful pictures

Christmas decoration of the interior plays an important role in the preparation of the New year. To make new year’s toys on the Christmas tree with your own hands will not only be a good solution in your organization, decor, and interesting creative process. For this lesson it is possible to attract all family members, including children. In our article we have collected material about how using the simplest of materials can be beautiful and elegant to decorate the Christmas Continue Reading

Corner sofas at IKEA – colorful pictures and useful tips

Corner sofas for the living room – a great way to organize a full-fledged recreation area even in the smallest room. Of course, such a famous company like IKEA, specializing in the goods for the house and not the office, could not offer its fans a comfortable and cosy furnishings. The contents 1 Features products 2 a Variety of models 3 Photos and prices for corner sofas in the IKEA catalog 4 furniture Covers Features products IKEA furniture is produced Continue Reading

Roller blinds for plastic Windows — 45 pictures of beautiful possibilities

Today, more and more people are abandoning the standard massive curtains and choosing blinds for plastic Windows. This is justified, because such curtains can simplify design while adding to the room a touch of originality. Moreover, the variety of these curtains can be used in any room of the house. Roller blinds for plastic Windows can be of different types. Let’s consider the main types of blinds: Classic roller blinds Classic roller blinds are suitable for both wall and window Continue Reading

Styles of interior design 33 pictures of beautiful examples

Interior design and style in which it is made, reflects your preferences and tastes, so it is important to arrange the space so that you feel comfortable to be there. Now almost every room has its own design, which can be attributed to a particular style. Styles of interior design have their own characteristics, and where appropriate will be country style, does not fit the classic type design. We would like to tell you about the different styles of interior Continue Reading

Panoramic Windows in the design of the home — 26 pictures of different rooms

Windows, photos of which are presented in this article, usually are seen as a sign of prosperity and good taste of the owners. The use of panoramic Windows in the glazing of the house has many advantages, including a great view from the room and the best level of illumination of the housing in the daytime. However, the large Windows, besides the advantages there are drawbacks. Therefore, when planning the installation of the panoramic Windows in the apartment, you should Continue Reading