The garden design: inspiring ideas 70 photos

Today Dekorin will offer you simple yet original ideas for decorating the space near the house. Viewing the photos you will see that it is not always a garden design requires a large investment of funds and the involvement of specialists. Take note of a few projects. Armed with garden tools and a great desire, and you will be able to create beauty. How to begin the garden design? Energy — the sea of ideas — a lot. What to Continue Reading

The kitchen furniture of your dreams at 70 impressive photos

Each of us wants his house was filled with comfort and beauty. Of course given the huge variety in the segment, this is not so difficult, but sometimes the choice becomes too difficult. Today, you will see kitchen furniture (photo attached, where do without them?), which will amaze and delight you with its beauty and functionality. Are you ready to be inspired? Go! Beautiful and unusual kitchen furniture with photo examples Let’s start with the most extraordinary examples. Tell me, Continue Reading

Kitchen in the Japanese style: Oriental splendor on 50 photos

Kitchen in the Japanese style — choice of true philosophers. You must agree, everyone wants to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own apartment? Japanese style in interior design like no other will help you in finding your “Zen” and make the world around you a little better. Look at the photo: Confess, wanted the same? Then go ahead! Kitchen in the Japanese style: good design, photos examples Kitchen in Japanese style is a great example of design that combines Continue Reading

Stylish design narrow kitchen — is it real? (70 photos)

Design narrow kitchen — employment difficult. How to bypass the inconvenience and plan to make disadvantages advantages? That’s the kind of ambitious question today decided to raise the designers of the project Dekorin. The following photo examples of arrangement of the kitchen area in a wide range of areas: narrow, rectangular, long, short. Look — out is always possible. Design narrow kitchen: the main challenges Design narrow kitchen can be considered successful, if the room is not the feeling that Continue Reading

Gorgeous duplex apartment: 70 photos with real-world examples

Duplex apartment — incredible beauty innovations, recently entered into use, but it is rapidly filling our hearts. Probably everyone has ever dreamed of a large, multi-storey private house, and to make this dream a reality in the apartment — quite a rosy Outlook, right? Today’s article promises to be very informative and unusual, so be patient and take heed! Dekorin will gladly tell you about all the subtleties and nuances of duplex apartments and even disassemble the shelves design project Continue Reading

Magnificent bedroom Scandinavian style: beauty 60 photos

Bedroom in Scandinavian style — this is perhaps one of the most trendy and popular trends in interior design today. This style has successfully been initiated, changed and settled in our hearts and homes. And why? Yes, because the Scandinavian style calls for of lightness, freedom, and making you feel like a Princess in a beautiful castle called the apartment. Today, together with professionals Dekorin roll up our sleeves, we are inspired to arrange a bedroom in a Scandinavian style. Continue Reading

Excellent cuisine in the style of hi-tech: 55 impressive photos

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech is striking not only for its beauty but also functionality. Connecting modern technology and practicality — that’s the secret of success of this style. In today’s article, portal Decorin will shed light on the different nuances and features high-tech style in the conventional design, urban kitchen, and will enable you to inspiration up to 55 photos of ready-made options for kitchens in style hi-tech. Go! Modern kitchen in style hi-tech: some examples with photos Continue Reading

The right lighting in the nursery (70 photos)

That the child grew healthy and cheerful, you need to create him comfortable. It is very important to organize the lighting in the nursery. In this article, the experts of the project Dekorin suggest to get acquainted with the principles of the selection and location of lighting. Also prepared a selection of photos with design examples. Paying article a few minutes you will be “grounded” in this issue. Happy reading! Kids room with good natural light (photos) In the children Continue Reading

Bedroom in the loft — a selection of modern and practical (50 photos)

Bedroom loft-style can not attract attention. It is very stylish, comfortable and modern choice, this, I think, and due to its extreme popularity. If you suddenly realized that if you do the bedroom, only in the loft — you here. Read the article, listen to helpful tips and inspire health! Go! Bedroom interior loft-style: some common features To design the interior bedroom in the loft pretty easily. Judge for yourself: you don’t need a hundred, five hundred different finishing materials, Continue Reading

Dream design: kitchen 12 sq. m with all facilities (60 photos)

Started a repair? Dream that your kitchen is beaming with magnificence, and it was very comfortable? Then you have come to the right place! Dekorin will help you to build the design of the kitchen 12 sq m that will astound you with its beauty and bring joy every day. Today we delve into the intricacies of various layouts and will help you choose the perfect option! Ready to change your life for the better? Then went! The design of Continue Reading