Kitchen with bright accent: ideas 70 real photo

To prepare it is in a good mood — such foods brings maximum benefit. Kitchen with bright accent able to awaken in every girl chef. Scroll selected project Dekorin. me photography. You will see how you can refresh the bored interior. A few bright touches — and here’s the kitchen filled with new spirits, and cooking routine — not a burden. Ready to create the design (and culinary!) masterpieces? Then let’s see how it’s done. Kitchen with bright accent: the Continue Reading

King bedroom in classic style: the secrets and photo examples

In pursuit of fashion and new trends designer we forget that sometimes classic quality is what we need. As an example, the bedroom in classic style is not arrogant, not archaic and not the old, and Vice versa. Classics for the every time to rise from oblivion and look true at all times. Want to learn how to build a high-quality interior of bedroom in classic style with the best designers Decorin? Then went! Bedroom design in classic style: photo Continue Reading

Minimalist interior apartment: 60 perfect photo examples for your comfort

Style the minimalist interior of the apartment with the years, gaining in popularity. No wonder, because now the era of ergonomics, and every square meter is worth its weight in gold. How to design the interior with no frills and at the same time stay satisfied with the result? Don’t know? And we know! After all, in the end, Dekorin is created to come to your aid in the most difficult situations! Ready to be inspired? Then for horses! Minimalist Continue Reading

Kitchen living room in a private house: 70 successful photo ideas

There is nothing better than decorate your own house. All the dreams, plans and personal design ideas can bring here. Combined kitchen living room in a private home will wrap you in comfort, will please a beautiful setting and surprising functionality if you listen to the advice portal Are you ready for change? Then went! The kitchen is combined with living in a private home: advantages and disadvantages Combined the interior of a room is not uncommon these days. Continue Reading

Design ideas Studio photo zone for New year and Christmas

In anticipation of new year holidays many people are in a hurry to attend a professional photo shoot conducted at atmospheric decorated studios. In this review, we decided to bring to your attention ideas for decor Christmas photo zones, get inspired by the following photos showing the fully finished room for the photo shoots. The content of the page How to make a photo zone for the New year Define identity photo zone Living room Kitchen or dining room Office Continue Reading

Photo frames with their hands

We need: photo frames, satin ribbon, paint, measuring tape or ruler, stapler or glue. Next: 1.Color frame in the color You want. 2.Place frame desired order. 3.On the top row of satin ribbon make a loop for hanging, the others connect the tape as shown in the photo (use glue or staple). 4.Nice place on the wall.

Combining the kitchen and living room — 67 photo design examples

Combining the kitchen and living room — the question is not the easiest. Some come from such ideas to delight, others categorically against. But the truth is, as usual, lies somewhere in between the extreme points of view. If you now also at the crossroads: destroy the wall or not, view a selection of photos prepared by the project Enjoy watching, get inspired, make the right decisions. Combining the kitchen and living: pros and cons In fact, combining the Continue Reading

The metal in the interior of the apartment — creative ideas 65 photo

Started a repair? Want to add to the unusual interior elements? Choice to help the portal! Today we will talk about how to use the metal in the interior so that it looked modern and trendy and could not be more appropriate. We will investigate with the team Dekorin! Ready? Go! Read more on dekorin. me: Decorative plaster woodworm — 50 photos of the interior and facades of the house. Metal in interior design: tips, ideas, tricks Metal furniture, Continue Reading

Modern interior design 70 creative ideas for photo

Make repairs? You’re probably wondering, what is a contemporary interior design. There are interesting ideas, but don’t know where to stay? Team Dekorin. me offers a selection of photos with a variety of decor options. Look, choose an idea and go for it! Nice inspirations! Modern interior design trends 2018 The major trend of 2018 — individualization. Modern interior design needs to be fashionable and at the same time meet the needs of the owner. This can be seen in Continue Reading

Photo frames on the wall

Photo frame is a beautiful piece of furniture and protect the photo from fading. Due to the variety of modern picture frames, their shapes, colors and sizes to fit in any interior. In the living room will look great song “clocks”. Around hours have photos. Looks quite original. The living area also an interesting option of the portraits are like paintings and are decorated in the same style. If there is a knitter, and a living room in the style Continue Reading