Design project one-bedroom apartments: 5 preset options with photos

If you wanted something new, and your apartment is brewing repair. Ready design project of the Studio apartment already prepared for you portal How to make the layout? The color and stylistic decision to apply? And finally, how to make your apartment as comfortable, ergonomic and functional? The solution to these age-old dilemmas we’ll find together on the example of five successful design project one-bedroom apartments! Are you ready? Then forward to new challenges in the repair field! Go! Continue Reading

Design narrow kitchen: interior options

In order to narrow the kitchen was really functional and stylish usually use zoning. Option 1: Working area at the entrance, if the kitchen is elongated from door to window. The working area move closer to the door, positioning it on both walls, keeping the rule of the kitchen triangle (sink, stove, fridge). Group dining are arranged at the window. Option 2: Working area by the window, and dining — close to the entrance. In this embodiment, the competently think Continue Reading

Venetian plaster photos with 44 options for improvement of housing

Do you want your apartment or house look not only stylish and original but also luxuriously? I think with the help of which you can give their home a rich and chic look? Then I suggest you to pay attention to this article where we will tell you how to achieve this effect. Today Dekorin will clearly show how Venetian plaster photos from 44 original designs that can transform the interior of the room, forcing him to play with new Continue Reading

The facades of the houses — 50 interesting design options

Modern construction materials, which facades of the houses are remarkable for the diversity, practicality and aesthetic appearance. If you want to navigate and choose something you like, offer you to consider this question in more detail. Perhaps one of the following photos will inspire you to a big change, and you decide to transform your home. After all, how spectacular finish, depends on the first impression guests and your mood. A properly selected lining materials — and even guarantee that Continue Reading

Solid wood door: description of options and recommendations for model selection

For many centuries people used wood as a reliable material for construction of furniture, houses and their separate elements. Wood entrance doors are part of the story. Thanks to the positive characteristics possessed by the natural array, it remains quite a popular material in the construction market. In our article we tried to make a quality review with photo examples of where solid wood door are considered in different options like apartments and private homes. Wood entrance doors: the main Continue Reading

Wallpaper 3D for walls — 60 photo interesting options

In the twenty-first century interior designers have learned a really bright and unusual to decorate the room. Wallpaper 3D for walls — direct proof. Look at the bright picture on some of the Wallpaper: it seems that the image comes to life. Using Wallpaper 3D, easy to do accent wall and giving zest to the room. Dekorin offers to see next photo with 3D Wallpaper. 3D Wallpapers: features 3D Wallpapers differ from normal Wallpapers by the fact that they suffered Continue Reading

Options interior narrow hallway

Your little hallway is a long, narrow corridor, where, in addition, there is a lot of doors from other rooms. Do not worry, all fixable. Here are some tips how to improve this space. Zoning. You can area hallway to separate visually from the rest by using different floor coverings. Let the entrance be ceramic tile, perhaps with a bright pattern. The rest of the floor in the hallway, you can lay the same tile, but with the figure under Continue Reading

Storage options books

The most convenient and traditional place to store books is bookcase. They can be assembled in racks or Packed in closets. This storage method is tried and tested for centuries and nothing is more unlikely to be able to think of. About classrooms and libraries for storing books, we say. Today we are talking how to store books is not quite traditionally and in a limited space. Having a small sq footage, but an impressive collection of books you can Continue Reading

Design red bedrooms: stylish design options 30 photos

Bedroom in the apartment — one of the main areas where you can relax, unwind after a hard everyday life, immersed in the sweet dream or the world of intimate relationships, and how comfortable would stay in it, depends on the interior. There are many design options, but the leading position is the design of red bedroom. Like this color palette for centuries, people have preferred using different shades and combinations. The color red has a special power. Although in Continue Reading

The sheds in the yard of a private house: photo 30 beautiful options

Every owner of a private area tries to improve the territory in the most comfortable way. For this purpose, various architectural forms, which are a kind of sheds in the yard of a private house, a photo of which confirms the fact that, in addition to basic functions, the carports can be a real highlight of the local area. They are a kind of attribute of comfort and convenience, allowing you not to postpone the scheduled event because of the Continue Reading