The right lighting in the nursery (70 photos)

That the child grew healthy and cheerful, you need to create him comfortable. It is very important to organize the lighting in the nursery. In this article, the experts of the project Dekorin suggest to get acquainted with the principles of the selection and location of lighting. Also prepared a selection of photos with design examples. Paying article a few minutes you will be “grounded” in this issue. Happy reading! Kids room with good natural light (photos) In the children Continue Reading

The lamp in the nursery with their hands

Of course, the lamp can be choose in the store, but making your hands, You will make it unique. For the ball, choose any fabric that suits your interior. What we need: a piece of cloth 1×1 m; wire or a ready-made frame; glue gun; plush toy; fabric of cotton, to bags (8 pieces 3X4); Vata; ribbon; thick thread (for crocheting); cardboard. Find everything you need just except the frame — you can search the frame of an old chandelier, Continue Reading

The color orange in the nursery

The cheerful nature of orange makes it perfect for a child’s room. The correct choice in favour of light orange tones. To achieve the best color combinations in the nursery, try a combination of such colors: black, yellow, and red in small amounts. It is desirable to avoid high contrast combinations with green, bright blue and black colors.

The interiors of the nursery in the turquoise color

The neutral green and fresh blue colors combined in a surprisingly pleasing to the eye color – turquoise. It is associated with air and water element: blue sea, gentle waves, blue lagoon, clean air, and wild beaches and Paradise vacations. It is believed that turquoise strengthens the immune system, stimulates brain activity, reduces fatigue and irritability, calms. Turquoise color makes people positive wave, improves mood, helps to concentrate, leads to clarity of thoughts. One of the latest design trends – Continue Reading

The design of the nursery for two girls

If You have a family grow two charming daughters, then this article is definitely for You. The ladies room needs more decor and design, than boys. Baby girls should be more delicate. It is very important in the nursery to keep as much free area. To place the furniture should be along the walls, leaving the center of the room free. Sure, you can select an individual area for each girl, given the age difference. A good option of the Continue Reading

The design of the nursery for two boys

If the size of your house, do not allow to allocate a separate room for each child, that is ideal – zoning of the existing space. To divide one room into two halves, rather difficult, but possible. Little make the baby comfortable, it is important to get the approval of their children. Here are some tips: •children’s room should be practical and comfortable; •make sure the interior was original and attractive; •if possible, choose multi-functional furniture; •consider the room sizes Continue Reading

Colors interior nursery: 9 beautiful combinations with photo

Became quite usual to decorate the boy in blue tones, and the girl’s room in pink. But maybe I need to try more interesting combinations of colors to design the nursery? Moreover, if you have two children of different sexes! Dekorin offers 9 combinations of shades to suit different tastes that can make your child’s bedroom is both stylish and fun. These colors in kids room like kids and demanding Teens. Colors in the interior a child’s room: how to Continue Reading

The interior of the nursery for girls: 67 ideas for loving parents

When the house is a little Princess, mom and dad don’t have enough time to surround it with the best. Beautiful and functional the interior of the nursery for girls is not just a fad. This is important for the harmonious development of the child. The registration of the nursery. The photo shows how the designs in the classic “girly” pink colors and unexpected colors. What do you prefer — your choice! See also: the interior of the nursery for Continue Reading

The interior of the nursery for the girl in yellow

The interior of the nursery for girls is designed in a very calm, soothing tones. Sand-colored walls, beige floors, opaline ceiling is the backdrop for the white furniture, which was specially made for a little Princess, so graceful. And, of course, an important detail in the interior is yellow. He is calm, pleasing to the eye and together with the active part. The interior immediately becomes interesting. Scallops on the wall near the ceiling, yellow handles on the furniture nice Continue Reading