Stylish design narrow kitchen — is it real? (70 photos)

Design narrow kitchen — employment difficult. How to bypass the inconvenience and plan to make disadvantages advantages? That’s the kind of ambitious question today decided to raise the designers of the project Dekorin. The following photo examples of arrangement of the kitchen area in a wide range of areas: narrow, rectangular, long, short. Look — out is always possible. Design narrow kitchen: the main challenges Design narrow kitchen can be considered successful, if the room is not the feeling that Continue Reading

Design narrow hallway in the apartment: 5 Lithgow arrangement

To successfully execute the design of the narrow corridor in the apartment very difficult, it’s true. It often happens that the standard layout of apartments in multi-storey buildings do not allow us to “roam”. It is noteworthy also that the walls forming a narrow corridor in the apartment are load-bearing, which means that breaking them does not. If by fate you become the owner of the apartment with a very narrow, long corridor — do not despair, Dekorin will help Continue Reading

Design narrow kitchen: interior options

In order to narrow the kitchen was really functional and stylish usually use zoning. Option 1: Working area at the entrance, if the kitchen is elongated from door to window. The working area move closer to the door, positioning it on both walls, keeping the rule of the kitchen triangle (sink, stove, fridge). Group dining are arranged at the window. Option 2: Working area by the window, and dining — close to the entrance. In this embodiment, the competently think Continue Reading

The design narrow bedrooms

Many are faced with the problem of the narrow room, often a room is the bedroom. Using several techniques, it is possible to create the most comfortable and cozy interior. The main problem is the selection of furniture. It should be comfortable, compact to not take up much space in the room. Position the bed along the wall, with the ability to approach it from one side. If the dimensions allow, place the bed headboard to the wall, so that Continue Reading

Computer Desk with shallow depth, or simply narrow – out of a difficult situation

As soon as the computers firmly established in the household, there is a need of arrangement of a special tables for them. As shown, a standard Desk does not meet the requirements of ergonomics, which slows down the work and not the best way affects the health of the operator. And of course, immediately raised the question of the maximum allowable size of the product: size of the rooms remained small, and set another table, it is not always possible. Continue Reading

Large, narrow and wide desks: a variety of dimensions

Desks, and many other items of furniture may differ substantially from each other in size. Conditionally they can be divided into three categories: large; narrow; wide. These criteria guided many people picking up a Desk in his office. The size of the table has value and is calculated from the quadrature of the home. In this article we will try to deal with all categories and to consider the most popular models of each of them. The contents 1 Large Continue Reading

Narrow obuvnitsy in the hallway is the best solution for small corridors

Almost all modern styles of rooms tend to minimalism and hidden from the eyes of things that are not part of the interior. As confirmation of this thesis can result in the closets, which are safely hiding behind their doors clothes and other home textiles. In relation to shoes this function is performed obuvnitsy, allowing compact positioning of the existing house shoes. Besides, thanks to the efforts of designers, this element can easily become a real decoration of Your hallway. Continue Reading

Lounge chairs and small sizes, as well as spacious and narrow models

Chair designed specifically for relaxation, makes your stay complete and pleasant, allowing the body to relax and accumulated daily fatigue disappear completely. This is facilitated by the ergonomic backrest and armrests, orthopedic base and also some additional features that may have similar products. As for the dimensions of comfortable Seating, they vary widely. The contents 1 Chairs small size 2 slim product 3 Large comfortable furniture 4 Model of Russian production 4.1 Small 4.2 Narrow 4.3 Large Chairs small size Continue Reading

Options interior narrow hallway

Your little hallway is a long, narrow corridor, where, in addition, there is a lot of doors from other rooms. Do not worry, all fixable. Here are some tips how to improve this space. Zoning. You can area hallway to separate visually from the rest by using different floor coverings. Let the entrance be ceramic tile, perhaps with a bright pattern. The rest of the floor in the hallway, you can lay the same tile, but with the figure under Continue Reading

Minimum, maximum, and optimal size of the armchairs: narrow, wide, big, small, soft, angular and other models

Chair – the subject of the first comfortable, then beautiful, stylish or conceptual. For furniture-transformers, this requirement becomes doubly important because of the size of the structure depends not only a comfortable seat but also a healthy deep sleep. And for the latter needed a bed that meets certain strict requirements. The contents 1 Narrow chair bed 2. Wide product 3 Small pleasures 4 Big bed 5 Use angles 6 Soft and hard folding models Narrow chair bed What often Continue Reading