Bedroom in the loft — a selection of modern and practical (50 photos)

Bedroom loft-style can not attract attention. It is very stylish, comfortable and modern choice, this, I think, and due to its extreme popularity. If you suddenly realized that if you do the bedroom, only in the loft — you here. Read the article, listen to helpful tips and inspire health! Go! Bedroom interior loft-style: some common features To design the interior bedroom in the loft pretty easily. Judge for yourself: you don’t need a hundred, five hundred different finishing materials, Continue Reading

Modern curtains for kitchen: how to make the right choice?

Choose modern curtains in the kitchen — no easy matter, because we now have such a huge selection that sometimes just dazzled! However, the team Decorrencia to please you and as always will make your life easier. We have studied all the new blinds for the kitchen and is ready to provide you the most relevant, beautiful and practical options! Are you ready to learn something new? Then went! Modern curtains for kitchen 2019: relevant design solutions In order for Continue Reading

Modern apartment in Stockholm interior design

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, this apartment is simply gorgeous. The open layout presents a spacious kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, sauna and terrace, equipped with Seating. Scandinavian style, white color. Bedroom with exit to the terrace. Furniture, textiles, all the little interior details, in this space, is very noticeable and decorative. The open layout of the apartment is scary, then you understand that all reasonable aisles. Provided curtains, screens, etc. In the bathroom, the same white as the all around, Continue Reading

Modern home

Design with large monolithic forms. The widespread use of metal, glass and modern building materials. Color mainly black or grey. Many contemporary architects operate within the strict limits of such a style, creating new trends shaping today’s modern home.

Modern apartment in Lisbon

Designers FORWARD worked on the interior design of this apartment in Lisbon. The owners, a young modern couple wanted their home to be a place where nice to come back after a hard hectic day in the city, to relax in a cozy atmosphere. Designers created a refined and quiet atmosphere. The apartment is unobtrusively divided into zones, elegant lines and mirror shape of the space and highlight architectural details.

Modern bathroom interior

Modern bathroom interior should be a comfortable space to be stylish and comfortable. Modern bathroom interior by various trends of interior fashion. Interior fashion modern bathroom brings a range of expressive trends for bathroom design in any size and transforms it into a corner of Paradise where you can relax and rest.

Modern bathroom

Easy asymmetry of freestanding stone sinks and massive oval bath give a sense of reliability and stability. Warm, deep gray tones and flowing lines of stone baths created for deep relaxation. All the tech filling hidden in the stone, so as not to distract the eye from the harmonious forms. Noble materials and simple forms, classic elegance and light Oriental motifs. All for enjoyment and pleasure.

Modern bathrooms

Nowadays the bathroom has ceased to be simply a room she converted into a Spa, a place for repose, meditation, cleansing not only the body but also the soul, stress relief, relaxation. Taking a bath becomes a ritual, and the tub itself is like a ritual sculpture: graceful style takes inspiration from nature, promotes the conversion bath in place of bliss.

The kitchen modern ideas

The basic concept is based on the concept of “Life within the kitchen”: cooking, entertainment and relaxation — all this is a function of the modern kitchen. Considering our selection, you can see that all of the above functions of the kitchen space is already embodied in the designers life. Looking at some of the interiors difficult to understand that this is a library, bar, lounge. Designers have ceased to divide space into zones with a pronounced functionality. The trend Continue Reading