Kitchen living room in a private house: 70 successful photo ideas

There is nothing better than decorate your own house. All the dreams, plans and personal design ideas can bring here. Combined kitchen living room in a private home will wrap you in comfort, will please a beautiful setting and surprising functionality if you listen to the advice portal Are you ready for change? Then went! The kitchen is combined with living in a private home: advantages and disadvantages Combined the interior of a room is not uncommon these days. Continue Reading

Corner wardrobe living room: tips for choosing 60 photos

Equip the living room? Scratching their heads over how to fit everything at once? A familiar situation. Do not despair, because, like Superman, is coming to your rescue! A corner closet in the living room — here is what you need! Today we will consider several variations of the design corner cabinets, and weigh all the “pros” and “cons”. You like this kind of scenario? Then sit back and let’s go! Corner cupboards in the living room: photo of Continue Reading

Living room in blue color

Frequent combination of colors is white and blue. Deep blue shades don’t look good with other darker colors, they merge together. Living room in blue tones will look very original, however, abuse this color is not worth it. You need to stick to just one tone, maximum two.

The white color in the living room

The white color allows you to visually expand the boundaries of the surrounding space. White has many shades and hues: cream, pearl cream, eggshell, chalk, snow, linen, cotton, white lilies, etc. White shades can create interiors in almost any style. Therefore, the white color in the interior are always relevant and never goes out of fashion.

A living room in shabby chic style

The Shabby chic style in the interior is characterized by the use of colors mainly pastel colours. Here you can find the following colors: cream, white, pale pink, light blue, green, unobtrusive grey and pale purple. The main features of this style: wrought iron furniture; the natural fabrics (silk, cotton, linen, denim); a great number of accessories (statuettes, vases, photo albums, photo frames, crocheted napkins). Most importantly, when creating the interior design should follow the General tint harmony.

Living room in Scandinavian style

All these Scandinavian living rooms, main colors which is white, blue and borrowed from nature brown, beige, periwinkle and Terra cotta, are very functional. Living room furniture, comfortable for the assembled friends, reading corners, traditional corner fireplaces, Royal chandeliers, colourful cushions, musical instruments – it is only those few elements animating these lovely living rooms. Regardless of the size, they all have large Windows and are beautifully decorated with home plants. In the Scandinavian interiors of the apartments, there is Continue Reading

Tile in living spaces

Thanks to the technology of seamless execution and textures of natural materials ceramic tile in recent years has become a leader in the finishing of residential premises. Designers are increasingly using this material on walls in living rooms, offices and even bedrooms.