Kitchen in the Japanese style: Oriental splendor on 50 photos

Kitchen in the Japanese style — choice of true philosophers. You must agree, everyone wants to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own apartment? Japanese style in interior design like no other will help you in finding your “Zen” and make the world around you a little better. Look at the photo: Confess, wanted the same? Then go ahead! Kitchen in the Japanese style: good design, photos examples Kitchen in Japanese style is a great example of design that combines Continue Reading

The design of the room in Japanese style — beauty is in the details on 50 photos

Eastern philosophy is not only a way of life and thinking. The Japanese used to bring harmony, both in thought and in the world. The design of the room in Japanese style — it’s a science, knowing which you will be immersed in a world of calm and tranquility, each time crossing the threshold of his apartment. Want to dive into all the subtleties of Eastern culture? Then sit back, ready to start. Go! The design of the room Continue Reading

The Japanese-style garden or a spectacular Japanese garden!

Hello, dear readers! Despite the fact that garden design is constantly changing, the fashion for the main design direction is not quenched and only grows in popularity. To do popular designs include Japanese-style garden. Not to mention that this flurry of demand is explained by the interest of Russian citizens to the Eastern traditions agree that such a uniqueness of style just can’t be unnoticed. In addition to Japanese garden draws attention to the presence of predominantly natural materials such Continue Reading

Japanese bedroom interior in Oriental style

Bedroom, Japanese style, would look great in soft, soothing tones. Of course, Japanese style may involve the use and vivid shades, but only when trying to focus on some specific elements: red decorative ceiling lights, colored wall fans, frames for family photos, lanah the curtains, floor rugs, mats, juicy pillows or blankets. The walls are covered with Wallpaper, steel color, with the texture under the burlap through each wall of the two vertical panels of Wallpaper (with images of Japanese Continue Reading

Bedroom in Japanese style — Sakura

Bedroom in Japanese style, based on images of Sakura, are striking in their tenderness, beauty, and exclusivity. Why Sakura? In Japanese traditions, especially revered by the decorative cherry tree (Sakura), the traditional flowers which are five-leaf. Every leaf of a flower, symbolizes the main wishes — longevity, joy, luck, peace and prosperity. So this is made in the Japanese style with elements of the images of Sakura, will notify you about the secret dreams and desires. In addition, the bedroom Continue Reading

Bathroom in Japanese style (48 photos): harmony and Zen

Japanese design helps to transform the bathroom into a realm of simplicity of forms and lines, harmony of color. Bathroom in Japanese style is attractive for its elegance and functionality, original solutions to standard problems. You can create a classic Japanese bathroom, but you can just make the design of the room the individual touch of Japanese style – all will depend on your desires and the size of the room. Classic Japanese bath If the bath room is large Continue Reading

Japanese style living room — minimalism with taste

In Russia, Japanese style in interior design — occupies a dominant place. The design looks fresh, fashionable and at the same time strictly, so the design of the living room, he is simply irreplaceable. A cursory glance is enough to identify characteristic features unique to this Eastern country. In the interior, is clearly traced notes of ethnicity, and the overall style is sustained in the framework of the minimalism, looks completely unobtrusive. Japanese style living room can combine dark and Continue Reading

Japanese interior design – get rid of the excess!

Hello, dear readers! In our time, when every square meter of dwellings on account of the particularly popular interior in the style of Minimalism, which is characterized by the use of a minimum number of furniture. Especially bright representative of the voiced directions, is a Japanese interior design. This design allows you to immerse yourself in a serene world, excluding vanity and the dynamics of the big city. Perhaps at first glance, the interior design in Japanese style can seem Continue Reading

Japanese and Oriental styles in the bedroom – the two sides of the mysterious East

East – a delicate matter. And not only slim, but also extremely diverse. Long time inhabitants of European countries referred to this vague concept of all Eastern countries, starting with Greece, and along with their culture. About the same confusion occurs when you try to call the concept of dwellings peculiar to different countries in Asia, one concept to cover them all in one category. Although something in common there. The contents 1 the Main emphasis of Eastern and Japanese Continue Reading