The interiors of the hotel Monaci delle Terre Nere (Italy)

A new boutique hotel Monaci delle Terre Nere in Sicily is the story about how one day he accidentally stumbled on this unique place, fell in love with him with all my heart and decided to dedicate his life to its restoration. The new owner immediately began to implement his dream – to return magnificent, with its unique charm and special atmosphere of a former monastery of the order of St. Anne back to life. All the efforts resulted in Continue Reading

The interiors of fast food restaurants

Here You will find long tables and benches. Graffiti on concrete walls and exposed air ducts emphasize the urban environment of the institution and fit perfectly. The interior of the restaurant will entertain the kids while adults dine, there are many items of children’s entertainment that subtly transformirovalsya in a simple and functional things: tables, partitions, Windows. The interior in fusion style combines elements of French Brasserie and American tavern. A lot of shelves with cooking utensils and copper utensils.

Colorful interiors: a riot of colors and shapes

When bewitching eyes, patterns, colors, textures, shapes meet each other, born of inspiration. Daring work of designers, once again, is showcased in this extraordinary apartment in new York. Everything is unusual here. The whole interior is filled with color and light. Curves, waves, patterns, weave. All the furniture of unusual shape. Glossy floors reflect light. Color. A riot of colors! Very bright and saturated, phosphorescent. Fascinating space of this apartment is a source of inspiration for those who love bright Continue Reading

Cozy living room: design, interiors

You can ensure an aura of hospitality and comfort room, if you fill it with appropriate attributes: checkered blankets, soft chairs, pictures in frames, fireplace. As a rule, the center of the living room there may be two things: a fireplace or a system of “home theater”. If to speak about the fireplace, no doubt — a wood, electric or bio-fireplace (even a simple fireplace masonry located inside the candles) gives the living room sophistication and warmth. Living room is Continue Reading

The interiors of bedrooms in grey tones

Gray color helps to create a soothing and relaxing environment, and therefore, suits for interior of the bedroom. Medium gray – it’s shades of masculine materials like slate and granite. Any color from the oak to the skin of the elephant has a beige or taupe tone, which changes the tonal focus of the interior, making it warmer. As a result, these colors are perfectly combined with warm “earthy”, and all shades of brown. They are used to furnish the Continue Reading

The interiors of a bathroom in grey

Grey and bathroom. Asceticism and luxury! A mouthwatering combination! Grey like no other color, emphasizes the purity and solemnity of the white. On the background of grey with a simple white earthenware will look just gorgeous. Bare wood or green drop coral and the interior of the bath was formed. To add texture: comfort shaggy rug, smooth grey stone, the roughness of the brick. And Your bathroom in grey is ready!

The interiors of the children’s and teen rooms in the red

Children’s red and is a very dangerous easily flammable mixture, the treatment of which should be very cautious. But if Your kids have to decide what is to be the room, the room in red color is stylish, it’s cool. Younger children to choose the red color for the room cautiously. They might just get tired of the activity color, it is better to add a few details. If the child is calm, pensive, melancholic kind of red would cheer Continue Reading

French interiors of the apartments

French style involves two obligatory classical stuff – fireplace and exquisite moldings. Also, this style means high ceilings, tall doors and high Windows. If there are, we want it all visually enlarge. Symmetrically arrange the furniture, place symmetrically with respect to the wall doorways. The more your apartment will be symmetry, the better, the more “French”. And as much as possible of stucco, let it be on the ceiling and on the walls, and the fireplace. Richer and stranger than Continue Reading

The interiors in black color

The black color in the interior – the color of luxury, rigor. Strong color in itself, adding to the space creates the power of ancient castles, something of the beyond and has no restrictions. To stay long in this room will be very difficult. The interiors in black color irritate the psyche, making it not balanced. But short-term visits to such premises may give a boost to the subconscious output of images that can be in some cases useful.

The interiors of the nursery in the turquoise color

The neutral green and fresh blue colors combined in a surprisingly pleasing to the eye color – turquoise. It is associated with air and water element: blue sea, gentle waves, blue lagoon, clean air, and wild beaches and Paradise vacations. It is believed that turquoise strengthens the immune system, stimulates brain activity, reduces fatigue and irritability, calms. Turquoise color makes people positive wave, improves mood, helps to concentrate, leads to clarity of thoughts. One of the latest design trends – Continue Reading