Country style in the interior apartments and houses: country comfort photo

Country style in the interior looks so interesting that more and more people choose it for decoration of their homes. It is clear that this is no accident, because the rustic coziness creates a sweet, warm, family atmosphere from which to get out you do not want! If you are thinking over how to properly arrange the interior of the house (or apartment) in a country style, you here! Show, tell, and, as always, will tell! Ready? Go! Country style Continue Reading

Curtains-strands in the interior: an unusual and stylish decor +70 pictures

Want to refresh the design and add to his house of mystery? Curtains-strands in the interior — what you are looking for. The project Dekorin have prepared a selection of photos. Look at this fragile, airy decor. The muslin can be presented in different ways. But it will always attract attention, emphasize your exquisite taste. Curtains-strands in the interior design with photo examples Muslin was at one time unjustly forgotten. But today, in the interiors it is used quite often. Continue Reading

How to make a bed in the bedroom a highlight of your interior?

Buying a bed in the bedroom, we make quite a difficult choice, because this purchase is not for a year or two. Want to know how to decorate the bedroom space with a bed so that it has not ceased to be of interest to you for a very long time? Dekorin is always ready to help, you know! Are you ready for an exciting and pleasant change? Go! Choose a bed in the interior of your bedroom: photos examples Continue Reading

The black color in the interior — a bold choice! The embodiments of 85 photos

Courage, confidence, and impeccable style is about you? Let’s check! The black color in the interior would use? Yes, Yes, black, no compromise! Do you like this idea? If you found it attractive, so you will be very helpful to read this article! Today we will talk about the most successful incarnations of black in the design of the different rooms, and you will learn how it can be beautiful and perfect! Ready? Forward! The black color in the interior Continue Reading

Style minimalist interior design ideas 70 photos

Style minimalist interior affects the severity of the lines, functionality and aesthetics. There is nothing superfluous, but the design looks elegant with the gloss. The project team Dekorin offers you a selection of photos with minimalist interiors. Watch and decide — like them or not. Maybe a couple photos will inspire you to makeover the house. Style minimalist interior: a balance on the brink of austerity and pedantry Say, the style in which the room is decorated, you can judge Continue Reading

Minimalist interior apartment: 60 perfect photo examples for your comfort

Style the minimalist interior of the apartment with the years, gaining in popularity. No wonder, because now the era of ergonomics, and every square meter is worth its weight in gold. How to design the interior with no frills and at the same time stay satisfied with the result? Don’t know? And we know! After all, in the end, Dekorin is created to come to your aid in the most difficult situations! Ready to be inspired? Then for horses! Minimalist Continue Reading

Roman blinds: a perfect choice for any interior (70 photos of examples)

The textile helps to arrange the necessary accents in the design. Love the brevity and beauty — choose Roman blinds. They fit perfectly in a variety of style and mood of the interiors. Decorin picked up for you. Look at the simplicity and elegance. Maybe you need this format curtains? Why Roman blinds? The decoration of the Windows in the usual way (tulle curtains) looks ordinary. And Roman blinds — is another matter. They are able to give zest to Continue Reading

The interior of the old house

The home owner wanted to keep the details and adapt the house to modern family. And he did it. Look at the stone slab, as if eaten away by wind, sea, time, even can not believe that this under-floor heating. The white color chosen for the entire interior of the house. The furniture, if not white, then dark wood. Modern shapes and materials furniture group make it not home in this interior. Here comes to the fore everything that was Continue Reading