The design of the attic floor: 70 photos with interesting ideas

If you think that lofts are only needed for storage of old things, you are very wrong! If you want you can make this design of the attic floor. Or like this. And then this room will be a favorite in the house. Dekorin have selected for you best ideas. Ready to enjoy the inspiring photos? And let’s do this together! Attic floor: the secret of a good design? (With photo examples) The attic floor is a real challenge for Continue Reading

Interesting solutions for apartment 39 square meters

Design Studio often works with exclusive apartments which have non standard plan or a very modest area. Here is an elegant and, one might even say, the philosophical environment in a soft, warm cream color, used for finishing of walls and floor. In the design I tried to stick to white and beige colors, only with some exceptions in the form of small accessories and pieces of furniture that are on a light background represent the focal centers. A special Continue Reading

Interesting interior children

Baby is very, very different, just like our kids. Kids enough to organize a bedroom and play space. A place for studying will need the senior guys. In our small apartments under baby give are not always the large room. But even in small rooms it is very important to organize all of the zones correctly, so the kiddies were comfortable. Great if you can attach the balcony-loggia — this will add the desired meters. Possible sleeping places to hide: Continue Reading

White carpet in the interior — 70 pictures with interesting ideas for design

White carpet universal — it is often used in the design of various facilities. If you plan to change something in your living room, bedroom or nursery, look at the next photo. Maybe you want to dilute usual color is white. This is the most pure and bright color, it inspires and inspires. But exactly how to use rugs in white color in the interior — this is today they say the designers Dekorin. White carpets in living room interior Continue Reading

The facades of the houses — 50 interesting design options

Modern construction materials, which facades of the houses are remarkable for the diversity, practicality and aesthetic appearance. If you want to navigate and choose something you like, offer you to consider this question in more detail. Perhaps one of the following photos will inspire you to a big change, and you decide to transform your home. After all, how spectacular finish, depends on the first impression guests and your mood. A properly selected lining materials — and even guarantee that Continue Reading

Paper crafts with their hands — 35 photo of interesting ideas

Making crafts from paper with your own hands is very common, the home of creativity for many people, which is rooted in ancient times. Since the beginning of its development “origami” the Oriental art of creating unique paper crafts. Origami masters, with extensive experience, to create truly unique items that impress a large number of people. If you are one of them, and there was a strong desire to work with their hands, then this article is for you. The Continue Reading

Wallpaper 3D for walls — 60 photo interesting options

In the twenty-first century interior designers have learned a really bright and unusual to decorate the room. Wallpaper 3D for walls — direct proof. Look at the bright picture on some of the Wallpaper: it seems that the image comes to life. Using Wallpaper 3D, easy to do accent wall and giving zest to the room. Dekorin offers to see next photo with 3D Wallpaper. 3D Wallpapers: features 3D Wallpapers differ from normal Wallpapers by the fact that they suffered Continue Reading

Christmas crafts with their hands to 2018 — 60 interesting ideas

Yay! Before the fight festive chimes a few days left. This means that it’s time to do Christmas crafts with their hands for 2018. This is a fascinating and pleasant handcraft is able to charge a festive mood, even those who in everyday hectic have not yet felt the approach of the celebration. So put away everything and start the festive preparations. What and how to make beautiful Christmas crafts find out in this article. We can also offer 60 Continue Reading

Interesting bathroom design with washing machine

Washing machine is a very useful household appliance for any modern apartment. Often a modest size bathtub, or the wrong layout, not allow to place in it such an overall device. That is why, bathroom design with washing machine needs to be as functional as possible and to take into account all the usable space inside. This approach will allow you to mount the washing machine without taking up too much space. In this article, we will tell about the Continue Reading