The installation of ceiling plinths

Ceiling moldings made from polystyrene extradited, does an excellent job of disguising the gaps, moreover, gives the interior fully finished, harmonious look. The advantages of shelf baseboards can be attributed to its practicality, environmental friendliness, reasonable cost, and of course the ease of installation. A plinth, made by special technology, strictly speaking, which allows him to be both lightweight, durable and elastic. Ceiling moldings are used to finish ceilings at the final stage of repair, its varied texture and appearance Continue Reading

Installation of plastic skirting boards — final touch of the repair

When the floor is replaced or repaired, comes the final stage of repair works — installation of baseboards. At the time, was used exclusively wooden plinth, now widely used in plastic, they are much lighter in weight and basic to install. The installation of plastic moldings is carried out at the final stage of repair, that is when the Wallpaper is hung, and the floor repaired. Before you begin installation of baseboard, the measurements should be made of the premises Continue Reading

Installation of plasterboard ceiling

Installation of suspended ceilings with their hands. Materials: 1. Drywall – amount is calculated as follows: the area of the ceiling divided by the area of the sheet, and the resulting number is rounded up. Better to make a plan layout of plasterboard and come out of it. 2. Galvanized profile CD(60х27) and UD(27х28). The length of the profile UD is counting around the room – he is the guide and mounted on the perimeter of the room. The CD Continue Reading

Installation of ceiling plinths

The ceiling tiles allows you to hide all the bumps on the border of wall-ceiling or solve other design problems. The mounting plinth can be made as to the pasting of walls by wall-paper, and after. In the first case, after aligning the walls and ceiling, they are, as expected, primed, then glued the baseboard (molding) putty or acrylic sealant. You can then paint with ceiling in one color or select another tone. Wallpaper glue on the final stage. With Continue Reading

Drywall installation on walls

Walls gypsum sheets (GCR) can be secured in several ways: without a frame and on the frame. The first method involves mounting directly on the wall using special glue. But the main wall should be smooth, clean and primer coated. After the glue hardens, you should handle connecting joints — filling composition, applying reinforcing tape. After drying, the seams should be sanded flush with the plane of gypsum Board. If the wall curves, it is better to apply the frame Continue Reading

How to install a sink: choosing a sink and faucet, installation

Do you know how to install the Tulip sink in the bathroom, how to put a sink in the kitchen? After repairs in the apartment or a country house such questions are of particular relevance, as prices on plumbers high and I would like to do with their hands. So, let’s see how the self-Assembly of various types of washbasins. Hinged shell Types of sinks and installation Drawing of how install corner sink (with dimensions) Let’s start with the fact Continue Reading

Installation for sink: first encounter

What is the installation for the shell? What is it for? Who made this device and is it hard to install DIY? Let’s try to answer these questions. Our hero. What it is Before us is a frame of galvanized or painted steel. Typical dimensions are: width — 35 to 50 inches; the height ranges from 35 to 130 cm; frame depth is usually within the range up to 7.5 inches. However: in the market you can find products with Continue Reading

Bottom valve for sink – features and installation of the device

This kind of headset for shells, as the drain began to appear in our apartments recently, so I know about it not many.However, it is more and more starting to be popular in our country. Next, we consider what is the convenience of this design and how to install it on the sink. Bottom valve with lever What is the bottom valve Introducing the device came to us from Europe, to be precise, it’s from England. As you know, utilities Continue Reading

Sink (41 photos): the material features and installation tips

What is the material that is in the price lists of stores plumbing is called granite? How is it manufactured? Is it worth to pay attention on granite sinks for the kitchen or prefer other materials? Is it hard to install a sink made of granite? Let’s deal. The hero of our article. Familiarity with the material Paradoxically, the sellers called granite are two completely different in their material properties. Let us examine the features of each of them separately. Continue Reading

Built-in shell (39 photos): selection and installation

Whether it be the invoice built-in sink, top, bottom or semi-recessed, all of them set on the counter one way or another. Of course, the material used to produce these countertops can be different and sometimes, as in the case of granite, an opening is cut in the factory, that is, the bathroom is ready for Assembly. But we pay attention to the fact that the power to make himself a person who does not have special skills and do Continue Reading