The kitchen furniture of your dreams at 70 impressive photos

Each of us wants his house was filled with comfort and beauty. Of course given the huge variety in the segment, this is not so difficult, but sometimes the choice becomes too difficult. Today, you will see kitchen furniture (photo attached, where do without them?), which will amaze and delight you with its beauty and functionality. Are you ready to be inspired? Go! Beautiful and unusual kitchen furniture with photo examples Let’s start with the most extraordinary examples. Tell me, Continue Reading

Excellent cuisine in the style of hi-tech: 55 impressive photos

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech is striking not only for its beauty but also functionality. Connecting modern technology and practicality — that’s the secret of success of this style. In today’s article, portal Decorin will shed light on the different nuances and features high-tech style in the conventional design, urban kitchen, and will enable you to inspiration up to 55 photos of ready-made options for kitchens in style hi-tech. Go! Modern kitchen in style hi-tech: some examples with photos Continue Reading

Interior balcony in the apartment — impressive ideas in 75 photos

The days when the balcony was only a place for planting flowers, storage room for unnecessary things and place to dry clothes after washing is long past, and it is definitely a plus. Beautiful, modern interior of the balcony is not just formally completed the procedure, it’s art! Very creative owners use the square meters of balcony space with such mastery that sometimes you just wonder: “And as soon as they thought of this before?” If you are also thinking Continue Reading