Autumn decor with their hands. “No” spleen, “Yes” —a good mood

Don’t be sad about the past summer, fully enjoy the colors of autumn! Make autumn decor with their hands to decorate the house. The Project picked for you. Look — you just can not resist not to do something like that. And it’s great. After all, the little things and create an atmosphere of comfort, home and hearth. Brew yourself a Cup of hot tea, throw on your shoulders a warm blanket and enjoy! Autumn decor with their hands: Continue Reading

How to make a Christmas tree on the wall with their hands (master class)

Sometimes you want to decorate the room with some unusual decorative items. Let’s say, the Christmas tree and traditional new year decorations, and that if to place it on the wall?! Now that’s unusual, let’s try! Looking ahead to say, the Christmas tree turns out to be very effective, also allows perfectly to save space! How do you make a Christmas tree on the wall WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Artificial fir garlands; Decorative cloves; Tape; Hooks adhesive; Christmas decorations. The Continue Reading

How to sew chair covers with your own hands

Sew covers for chairs of different shapes. An old chair will always be hidden under the original cover. To sew new clothes on the kitchen chairs, it is important to know the right way to make the pattern. Manual: • First of all, the dining chairs should be thoroughly measured: measured every detail of the chair and transfer the measurement results on paper. • From the resulting drawing, cut out the templates applied to the fabric, pin the safety pins Continue Reading

Make decoupage furniture with his own hands

Using the technique of decoupage, you can literally transform an old or not very original furniture. Following the instructions, you can paste over with Newspapers not only drawers, but also any other piece of furniture requiring minor repairs. Materials and toolswhich will be needed in decoupage furniture with his own hands: cut from a newspaper; fine grit sandpaper; rubbing alcohol; rags; sealant for filling holes; decoupage glue; brushes sponges; clear polyurethane primer or clear nail Polish on acrylic polyurethane basis; Continue Reading

Stand for pencils with his own hands

Wooden stand for writing utensils, which can be done by hand. Sticks made of walnut wood with inlays of poplar. To make exactly the same first, you need to make blanks, glue them and make smooth edges. Then it only remains to drill the holes and paint the finished stand is suitable for that stain. The time to produce these decorative coasters have quite a bit, but they will be a wonderful addition to the interior and will benefit. First, Continue Reading

A panel of newspaper tubes with their hands

To create a panel of newspaper tubes you will need: newspaper — scissors and utility knife — acrylic paint, stain or food coloring The newspaper should be cut into strips that will curl up tube. Paint tubes you can use acrylic paints, stains, or food coloring. The tube should start to twist, oiling with PVA glue Add in the process tubes of other colors. Ring is necessary to sew with sturdy thread. Such decor will look good in the bedroom Continue Reading

Decoration for interior with your own hands

Picture is original jewelry and can decorate any room of Your home. For the manufacture of decorative paintings on the wall, You will need the following materials: a Board or piece of cardboard, fabric, gold paint spray, paint, Foundation, brush, paper glue, a twig of any tree. Work: 1. To start prepare the basis of the picture. For a basis we can take a plate from old pictures, cardboard from a box or the lid from a large box of Continue Reading

Decorative balls made of felt with their hands

Recently we’ve learned that children’s parties are fun and colorful. To decorate a house or apartment for the holiday event is enough to spend a little bit of Finance and my own time and make a bright light decorative balls. These balls can be done and not very large, since the felt holds the shape. If the balloons make a large, you can hang not only in the house, they can decorate a patio or gazebo at the cottage, you Continue Reading

How to make a beautiful advent calendar in 15 minutes with their hands

In European countries every year mandatory, it is customary to complement the house advent calendar (it. Adventskalender), which shows the remaining time until Christmas. This tradition gradually migrated and to us, many parents buy their kids calendars with Windows behind which are hidden the sweets, although we Windows not 24, as the Europeans (their Christmas is celebrated on December 25), and 31 according to the number of days before the New Year. Every day the child comes to the calendar Continue Reading

How to make a lamp with your hands

This lamp made of scrap materials, which often remain after the repair and in the country of easier to find, it is enough to explore the attic or other storage of junk and long-forgotten things. Materials and tools: — Reiki — stain bulbs — wire — a linen or cotton thread. Progress: 1. Take the strips and they are held together by cross-bridges in two places. 2.Color the design 2 times and the stain after drying the three skins to Continue Reading