Gorgeous duplex apartment: 70 photos with real-world examples

Duplex apartment — incredible beauty innovations, recently entered into use, but it is rapidly filling our hearts. Probably everyone has ever dreamed of a large, multi-storey private house, and to make this dream a reality in the apartment — quite a rosy Outlook, right? Today’s article promises to be very informative and unusual, so be patient and take heed! Dekorin will gladly tell you about all the subtleties and nuances of duplex apartments and even disassemble the shelves design project Continue Reading

Brown bathroom (47 photos): looks gorgeous

Probably everyone in life is faced with the choice of bathroom design. Today I want to shed light on one of the achievements of the design and tell what could be the Brown bathroom. And dispel the myth that the tub should be white. The wide spread of our audience (and not only in our country but also abroad) in relation to the fact that the bathroom is in shades of brown is in several categories. Some people perceive it Continue Reading

15 ideas to create a gorgeous holiday table

A festive lunch will seem to your guests is twice more tasty, if the table is beautifully laid. We offer 15 ideas for decorating the Christmas table in different styles. I hope that you will find here the necessary inspiration for the upcoming holiday season! 1. Dinner of the gods Vintage sheet music can play the role of a chic, unconventional base plate. Silver plate, fancy Cutlery, candles and old-fashioned napkin ring gives the table an antique splendor. 2. Rural Continue Reading

Butterflies in the interior – stylish, trendy, gorgeous! (30 photos)

Hello, dear readers! Everyone strives to create in your house or apartment a cosy atmosphere! And that will help interior to become cozy? Of course, all kinds of cute things, accessories, paintings, photo frames, floor and table vases, Souvenirs from long journeys etc. But the designers went further, laying out for all to see, the idea with the design of the apartments of the butterflies (of course artificial)! Why the choice fell on these lovely aerial beings? For this, we Continue Reading

Choose the home of your dreams: 10 gorgeous houses by the lake

And would you like to Wake up every morning in house with a beautiful view of the lake or gently flowing river, green forest or the distant mountains? They say that dreams come true faster when the person knows exactly what he wants. Offer you to view 10 amazing houses located in a picturesque area, each of which is able to become your dream home! This elegant, quiet and cozy dwellings combine the best of two parallel worlds — high Continue Reading

Sakura in the interior – the gorgeous blooming effect!

Hello, dear readers! Started a repair, but Yes, not fully decided on interior design, but rather its subject matter? Then I suggest You stop focusing on the tree Sakura, her gentle image will relax after a hard day’s work, give positive emotions, and just an excellent look in the interior of the house! First I want to say that the Sakura (Japanese cherry) is one of the main symbols of Japanese culture, spring days flowering made tree, the people of Continue Reading