Of concrete and glass in Mexico

Wrapped in concrete and glass house designed by Bitar Arquitectos in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico is a modern dwelling that offers security and privacy. On the street side, the building resembles an imposing fortress, with simple and clear lines. From the front — an open and spacious building. Inside, due to the extensive use of wood and beautiful stone finishes filled with warmth.

How to choose bookcase with glass doors to the working room?

Those who love to read, work with documents, papers or collect things, familiar with bookcases with glass doors. This furniture fits perfectly into any interior thanks to a wide range. And in the offices benefit from the bookcase is big enough. The contents 1 is it Worth buying home bookcase with glass doors? 2 Modification of products 2.1 Types of doors 2.2 With drawers and shelves 3 Popular manufacturers 3.1 Stolplit 3.2 Other Should you buy home bookcase with glass Continue Reading

Glass computer Desk – elegant luxury minimalist interior

Glass furniture has long ceased to be design for an exorbitant price, and turned into an expensive, but very affordable furnishings. But if a glass coffee tables and even dining kitchen tables have become more or less familiar, the computer is still a novelty. The contents 1 is it Worth buying home glass computer Desk? 1.1 Yes 1.2 No 2 Types and modifications 2.1 Device and design 2.2 further details 2.3 product Design 3 Photos and prices of popular models Continue Reading

Glass blocks in the interior

The glass blocks. These glass, dull bottle green, the bricks had often used to make clinics, cafeterias, manufacturing facilities and even entrances. Today a variety of colors, textures and shapes of glass forced the designers to pay close attention to them. First of all, glass blocks are durable and interesting building material, they are used not only as partitions, but also erected them on the facades of buildings. They are non-flammable, durable, light, pass light, easy to care for them. Continue Reading

Sliding glass doors for the shower: 35 photo in interior bathroom

Showers nowadays is quite popular and in high demand, and sliding glass doors for the shower can be found in many modern living spaces. And it’s totally justified. Mankind has appreciated the convenience of walk-in showers, and every year new solutions are developed in the world of plumbing in order to make them as functional and comfortable. For those who managed to install a sliding glass door to the shower, consider what they are, what their strengths and weaknesses. Sliding Continue Reading

Photo printing on glass — exclusivity in everything!

Hello, dear readers! Recently, special recognition is the photo printing on glass, what it represents, and where applicable, You will learn from this article! So how can you use photo printing on glass for interior decoration? The technology of printing, is used to create decor furniture, kitchen aprons, table tops, glass cabinets doors, interior doors, room dividers. Amazing, isn’t it?! Decor can be subjected to almost all the major interior parts, let me just attract more kitchen aprons (examples of Continue Reading

Glass tile — glossy luster surface

Glass tile is a great facing material, most often it is used in high humidity areas or rooms requiring special attention to hygiene: kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. Advantages of glass tile: a hard, closed surface, hygiene, durability, moisture resistance, fire resistance, leggiest, nice appearance. What about security: modern tile made of tempered glass, which is hard enough to damage, but even if this happens, the material will simply crumble, like broken windshields, i.e., without sharp corners or edges. Since the Continue Reading

Glass apron for the kitchen: the beauty and practicality (25 photos)

Any hostess would be interesting to know what the finishing material is better to choose for the section of wall between the worktop and the wall cabinets. In practice, you are convinced that this area lends itself to the most pollution and requires constant cleaning. Glass apron for the kitchen — the best modern solution to this problem. No tile, no more Wallpaper or paint for the walls will not provide you such simplicity to care for. In this article Continue Reading

Glass doors for shower: 30 functional ideas

Glass doors for the shower is a great solution for both small and large bathrooms. Glass is a practical material that does not deteriorate from exposure to moisture and temperature, easy to care for them. Shower doors of glass make the interior lighter, wider and visually bigger. With their help, you can realize your most daring design ideas. Dekorin gathered 30 inspiring solutions using glass doors for a shower enclosure that will decorate your bathroom and will easily fit into Continue Reading