The kitchen furniture of your dreams at 70 impressive photos

Each of us wants his house was filled with comfort and beauty. Of course given the huge variety in the segment, this is not so difficult, but sometimes the choice becomes too difficult. Today, you will see kitchen furniture (photo attached, where do without them?), which will amaze and delight you with its beauty and functionality. Are you ready to be inspired? Go! Beautiful and unusual kitchen furniture with photo examples Let’s start with the most extraordinary examples. Tell me, Continue Reading

The furniture in the hallway in a classic style

Classic furniture is the ability to create a stylish, sophisticated and elegant space. Manufacturers every year to create new collections that are ideal for traditional, classic interiors, and also for an eclectic design. Various options allow you to implement any idea, and create in the hallway right atmosphere. It can be elegant and luxurious, business-like and strict, or simple and homely. Light façades will make the room more elegant and rich dark colors give formality. The advantages of classic hallways: Continue Reading

Furniture for the creative and highly functional office space in Paris

Hypernuit Offices is located on the first floor of a residential building large Windows looking at the street Clignacourt in Paris, France. Hypernuit Offices — the Agency that is used by different people, art Directors, artists and workers of state institutions. Well lit space with simple geometry. Desks, computers, shelves, cabinets, all light grey tint rectangular shapes. Huge Windows in the floor, light walls and flooring together with furniture create the impression of space and air, which is not typical Continue Reading

Designer furniture Stellar Works

Brand Stellar Works true rapidly gains popularity in the world of design and you’ll be a genuine intercultural approach to creating a stylish interior. Japanese and French heritage in the form of cultural traditions and national crafts combined with modern production methods with a high level of technical equipment and exceptional quality materials.

Make decoupage furniture with his own hands

Using the technique of decoupage, you can literally transform an old or not very original furniture. Following the instructions, you can paste over with Newspapers not only drawers, but also any other piece of furniture requiring minor repairs. Materials and toolswhich will be needed in decoupage furniture with his own hands: cut from a newspaper; fine grit sandpaper; rubbing alcohol; rags; sealant for filling holes; decoupage glue; brushes sponges; clear polyurethane primer or clear nail Polish on acrylic polyurethane basis; Continue Reading

Plastic furniture

The furniture made from plastic is experiencing a second wave of popularity. This relatively inexpensive material allows designers to create complex structural forms in endless color versions. Today, almost everyone can become the owner of designer object made of plastic for reasonable money. Another reason for the popularity of plastic furniture is its versatility. You can use designer plastic furniture in your home or garden.

Modular furniture for the living room

A selection of modular furniture for the living room, which will help to balance things, to save space and create a harmonious interior. The advantage of modular furniture is that it can help to beat the space in the best possible light. Transforming or even changing the functionality of the individual elements, you will have the opportunity to create the interior of your dreams. In addition, a set of modular furniture in some cases of 20 items you can combine Continue Reading

How to arrange furniture in a small apartment

Multipurpose furniture solves the problem of space in a small apartment. Small apartment with built-in furniture allows you to make it spacious and comfortable, and the right colors give it personality. Bright custom wall attracts attention. This technique expands the room, on this work, and colored curtains. White folding sofa also visually expands the room and performs the function of the bed. Glass partition zoned space. Multi-level ceilings with custom lighting effectively divide the space, and white color visually increases Continue Reading

How to arrange furniture in bedroom

Placement of furniture – a very important issue. There are programs which allow you to understand how to arrange the furniture in the room. Also, to create a picture of the future interior it is possible by using ordinary pencils and sheets of paper. The main thing – to consider and plan. The main bedroom bed. Usually the bed is with the headboard against the wall, at the same time, should remain the passages of at least 70 cm from Continue Reading