Gorgeous duplex apartment: 70 photos with real-world examples

Duplex apartment — incredible beauty innovations, recently entered into use, but it is rapidly filling our hearts. Probably everyone has ever dreamed of a large, multi-storey private house, and to make this dream a reality in the apartment — quite a rosy Outlook, right? Today’s article promises to be very informative and unusual, so be patient and take heed! Dekorin will gladly tell you about all the subtleties and nuances of duplex apartments and even disassemble the shelves design project Continue Reading

The design of the hall in a private house: 60 photos of examples of successful solutions

In order to make the design of the hall in a private home, most often, have to bother. Agree, because hall is the face of the whole house, a room that should reflect the style and General spirit of the home. Today experienced designers of the project Dekorinприготовили for you the most interesting selection of photos of examples of successful solutions for the design of the hall in a private house. Are you ready to share inspiration? Go! The design Continue Reading

King bedroom in classic style: the secrets and photo examples

In pursuit of fashion and new trends designer we forget that sometimes classic quality is what we need. As an example, the bedroom in classic style is not arrogant, not archaic and not the old, and Vice versa. Classics for the every time to rise from oblivion and look true at all times. Want to learn how to build a high-quality interior of bedroom in classic style with the best designers Decorin? Then went! Bedroom design in classic style: photo Continue Reading

Minimalist interior apartment: 60 perfect photo examples for your comfort

Style the minimalist interior of the apartment with the years, gaining in popularity. No wonder, because now the era of ergonomics, and every square meter is worth its weight in gold. How to design the interior with no frills and at the same time stay satisfied with the result? Don’t know? And we know! After all, in the end, Dekorin is created to come to your aid in the most difficult situations! Ready to be inspired? Then for horses! Minimalist Continue Reading

Whether to lay carpet on the floor: 70 photos with design examples

Whether to lay carpet on the floor? Surely this question has come to mind if you decided to change something in your home. Someone thinks carpets are a thing of the past, someone- an important element in the design. And you? Team Dekorin offers his vision of this issue. Read the article to see a selection of photos and make a decision. The carpet on the floor: do we need it? Carpet is an accessory that is appropriate for any Continue Reading

Dressing tables in the bedroom interior, 10 examples

Every girl has the area in which it leads its beauty. A dressing table is a conventional mirror that shows the personality of its mistress. Because he has so much to tell about her, her preferences, and traits. First of all find out what should be on the dressing table. 1. Mirror. 2. Good lighting. 3. Convenient drawers. The mirror, a necessary attribute of the dressing table. It can be placed on the wall without occupying useful places, in the Continue Reading

Combining the kitchen and living room — 67 photo design examples

Combining the kitchen and living room — the question is not the easiest. Some come from such ideas to delight, others categorically against. But the truth is, as usual, lies somewhere in between the extreme points of view. If you now also at the crossroads: destroy the wall or not, view a selection of photos prepared by the project Dekorin.me. Enjoy watching, get inspired, make the right decisions. Combining the kitchen and living: pros and cons In fact, combining the Continue Reading

The interior plants: 70 photos of examples

The interior plants help to soften the strong design. Have you ever noticed while in the office, as the eye instinctively start looking for the pot of flowers. This is no accident: human nature is alien to straight lines and right angles. The Project Dekorin. me has prepared for you an interesting selection of photos. Let’s see how interesting you can go to the decor by using potted plants. The interior plants — where to start? Green spaces may be Continue Reading

Curtains in children’s room for girls: examples of stylish modern design

Redecorating the nursery, it is important to pay attention not only to the decoration finish, furniture, and decor window openings it helps to make the room homely. Curtains in children’s room for girls have their differences, reflected in the colors, the elegance of tailoring. To make the right choice, you need to consider some important factors: the age of the child, the quality of the fabrics, features designs. Let’s take a closer look at how to put curtains with photo Continue Reading