Kitchen in the English style — ideas for the decor+70 pictures

Kitchen in the English style — not a cheap pleasure. This interior will appeal to true conservatives and lovers of good-quality materials. Designers Dekorin propose to run through the main features of this interior areas. Read, watch selected photos. And then decide whether you want a decoration in your kitchen or not. What is remarkable kitchen design in the English style? Take a look at the design of the kitchen. They are all different in mood, atmosphere, but they share Continue Reading

Living room in English style

Living in the English style: soft, high-backed chair, fireplace, rug, porcelain knickknacks… Fireplace — a mandatory attribute of living in the English style. Around the fireplace are comfortable tables, soft furnishings, wool carpets on the floor. English style in the interior is characterized by an almost complete absence of curved lines, symmetry, proportions and elegance in the figure, expensive wood. An indispensable attribute of living in the English style – soft wool blanket with a checkered pattern and a footstool. Continue Reading

Design hallway in the apartment: Scandinavian or English style?

Style for its realization requires the implementation of certain techniques. These methods involve the use of certain colors, methods of finishing, the amount of furniture and space. Therefore, not every concept can be implemented, for example, in a small apartment. English and Scandinavian styles have become extremely popular because is applicable to small rooms and do not require a large capital investment. The contents 1 For any hallways fit these styles 2 the living room in Scandinavian style 2.1 design Continue Reading

Wallpaper in the English style

Wallpaper in the English style. Characteristic for them are the classic designs: wide stripe, floral motifs, Wallpaper in the style of engravings with landscapes or scenes of hunting. However, if you are more daring, then you suit Wallpaper with luxurious bouquets of roses, blooms of hydrangeas and peonies. All this — the Wallpaper in the English style.

The house in the English style — classic, elegance and beauty 33 photos

The house in the English style, quite rightly called a classic. Restraint and elegance are the main features that are inherent to these styles. Traditional English style, still contains a kind of aristocracy. In today’s world it is quite difficult to stick to one style in the design of your home, but in our article we will try to find out how to skillfully combine basic elements of English style with functionality, while maintaining harmony. And 33 photos that accompany Continue Reading

English landscape design or garden in the English style!

Hello, dear readers! You can definitely say that all the happy owners of household plots, want to see the local area improved. Of course the process of setting up the plot time-consuming but believe me the result is worth it. In this review, we will consider landscape design in the English style! Garden in the English style photo Probably many of You know that Prim and proper England is a kind of home to magnificent gardens, moreover once the landscape Continue Reading

12 photos of the interiors in the English style

In this collection You will find the interiors in the English style. For example, we chose a hotel in England. The hotel is small enough to make every guest feel at home, but at the same time he is more than comfortable and interesting for a short stop. The main advantage of this place – the interior, which is soaked with true English charm.