The garden design: inspiring ideas 70 photos

Today Dekorin will offer you simple yet original ideas for decorating the space near the house. Viewing the photos you will see that it is not always a garden design requires a large investment of funds and the involvement of specialists. Take note of a few projects. Armed with garden tools and a great desire, and you will be able to create beauty. How to begin the garden design? Energy — the sea of ideas — a lot. What to Continue Reading

Stylish design narrow kitchen — is it real? (70 photos)

Design narrow kitchen — employment difficult. How to bypass the inconvenience and plan to make disadvantages advantages? That’s the kind of ambitious question today decided to raise the designers of the project Dekorin. The following photo examples of arrangement of the kitchen area in a wide range of areas: narrow, rectangular, long, short. Look — out is always possible. Design narrow kitchen: the main challenges Design narrow kitchen can be considered successful, if the room is not the feeling that Continue Reading

Dream design: kitchen 12 sq. m with all facilities (60 photos)

Started a repair? Dream that your kitchen is beaming with magnificence, and it was very comfortable? Then you have come to the right place! Dekorin will help you to build the design of the kitchen 12 sq m that will astound you with its beauty and bring joy every day. Today we delve into the intricacies of various layouts and will help you choose the perfect option! Ready to change your life for the better? Then went! The design of Continue Reading

The design of the attic floor: 70 photos with interesting ideas

If you think that lofts are only needed for storage of old things, you are very wrong! If you want you can make this design of the attic floor. Or like this. And then this room will be a favorite in the house. Dekorin have selected for you best ideas. Ready to enjoy the inspiring photos? And let’s do this together! Attic floor: the secret of a good design? (With photo examples) The attic floor is a real challenge for Continue Reading

The design of the hall in a private house: 60 photos of examples of successful solutions

In order to make the design of the hall in a private home, most often, have to bother. Agree, because hall is the face of the whole house, a room that should reflect the style and General spirit of the home. Today experienced designers of the project Dekorinприготовили for you the most interesting selection of photos of examples of successful solutions for the design of the hall in a private house. Are you ready to share inspiration? Go! The design Continue Reading

The design of the kitchen 6 sq m: from cramped to spacious (60 photos)

To create the design of the kitchen 6 sq m so that it did not seem cramped and cluttered, you can! However, it is not so simple. There are several design above, resorting to the help of which you can arrange a small kitchen so it looked really impressive and modern. You want to know a few secrets? Team Decorin will be happy to help you! Go! Design for small kitchen 6 sq m: photo examples of the “correct” interior Continue Reading

Apartment design in loft style: how to create a creative atmosphere?

Apartment design, loft-style can cause a variety of feelings: admiration, astonishment and delight … until a light stupor and complete denial. But this style does not leave anyone. In this article the designers of the project Decorin picked up the photos with the options of accommodation space. This design can be performed in a conventional apartment. Of course, if you are imbued laptevym mood… in the mood? It may look flat in the loft? 6 characteristic features Liftovy design today Continue Reading

Bedroom in white color: a design that radiates tranquility

Bedroom in white color can be a real refuge. Tired from the bustle and bright colors, I want to experience the peace and quiet to recuperate. Look at these bedrooms. They have some kind of elusive magic, conducive to sleep. The project Dekorin this article proposes to discuss the design of the white bedroom. Bedroom in white color — what is their secret? (With photo examples) Making hall, we try to surprise the guests. In the living room — follow Continue Reading

Design of beds: fabulous atmosphere in the courtyard

Surely you admired the flower beds in parks and gardens. And probably thought that to create such a design of the flowerbeds in my backyard is impossible. In this article, designers will Decornposition you examples flower beds that can make even inexperienced gardeners. Well, shall we go? How to start a design flower beds? Of course, to create complex floral arrangements need a lot of experience and knowledge in landscape design. Huge figures on green chess Board, fabulous bed, covered Continue Reading

Style minimalist interior design ideas 70 photos

Style minimalist interior affects the severity of the lines, functionality and aesthetics. There is nothing superfluous, but the design looks elegant with the gloss. The project team Dekorin offers you a selection of photos with minimalist interiors. Watch and decide — like them or not. Maybe a couple photos will inspire you to makeover the house. Style minimalist interior: a balance on the brink of austerity and pedantry Say, the style in which the room is decorated, you can judge Continue Reading