Decorate the box

What you’ll need: boxes, paint, brushes, a good mood. 1.Lay the paper so nothing dirty. Take the top part of the boxes. 2.Dip a dry brush into the paint and small frequent strikes on the other hand sprayed the paint over the boxes. 3.Allow to dry. 4.Boxes ready.

Spring decor — how to decorate the interior in 2018

Let’s admit it: who of us loves the last month of winter? I think such people there quite a bit. Despite the fact that the Romans took care to make it the shortest of the year, February is still a long, long time with its short gray days and cold boring evenings. We offer you to pass the time decorate your home for spring! In this article you will learn what spring decor is in fashion today and how it Continue Reading

Decorate the glasses for the wedding with their hands

These glasses will be a nice gift for a wedding, and a romantic evening they will be useful too. To make them is not difficult, we need: glasses, petals artificial flowers, gold braid, small beads, “hot glue”. Petals glued around the bottom of a glass, forming a flower. The ribbon of glue down the stem of his glass, and tight, turn after turn cover the stem of the glass, occasionally podkladyvaya braid. Over the braid and hide the base of Continue Reading

How to decorate a window for the New Year 2018 — 5 ways and 30 photos

The holiday to us comes, the holiday to us comes… well, it’s time to look for unusual ideas for decorating home, which will make it even more special and memorable! It has become a tradition that in addition to Christmas trees, we also decorate our Windows for the New Year. Holiday decoration and window decoration will help to create the right atmosphere not only in the interior of your home, but also outside it. So why not share your love Continue Reading

How to decorate bedroom according to Feng Shui

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, the room where we sleep, has a special place in the house. This is a very closed and secluded place. Here we rest, relax, sleep. The practice of Feng Shui especially sensitive to this area of the house, and offer the following recommendations: When choosing a room for the bedroom, avoid room Windows, which are oriented to the South-West direction, the party rages bad energy that will not let You rest and sleep. Continue Reading

How to decorate a room for New year – 55 beautiful and festive photos

Waiting for the New year is always a storm of positive emotions. Eve, in addition to the purchase of gifts, food for the festive table and other hassles, you need to think about how to decorate a room for New year. This process is always a great pleasure for adults and especially for children, so don’t forget to involve your child in this interesting case. In our material we will consider how the coming year will be to complement the Continue Reading

Unusual beds of stumps or how to decorate a tree stump in the garden. 60 photos

Hello, dear readers! If You are the proud owner of private land, you probably aspire to elevate their infield – the incredible beauty of planted flowers, fruit trees, bushes, etc. But what if the once beautiful tree was not going through another season, and simply withered away?! Of course it is necessary to cut or even uproot. And if, after removal of missing wood along the root system on the site and hint will not remain on the stay here Continue Reading

Ceramic garden figures — decorate the area

Design options of HOMESTEAD area there is a great variety, today I would like to mention such essential elements of landscape decoration, such as ceramic figurines for the garden! Almost all the owners of household plots, are aimed to recreate the beautiful and unique garden, mostly using a variety of flowers and shrubs, sometimes neglecting, it would seem that such simple elements of ceramic figures. And it is in vain, as these figures can suddenly change the whole landscape gardening Continue Reading

How to decorate for March 8

There for a family celebration very much! As recognized and favorite holidays, and touching family event and celebration in every family. Home decoration for the holiday creates a happy and good atmosphere in the family brings joy and uplifting. One of the best gifts for a woman on the 8th of March is the attention of the man she loved. So try this day in a special way to decorate the house where You live together. The apartment is on Continue Reading

How to decorate a festive table on March 8

Each year there is a special day dedicated to our women on 8 March. There are many ways to make them happy, but the most effective is to show them love and respect. The smile on their lips – a problem about which men should not forget. And in order to earn, you have to figure out a way to surprise them. One such option is to arrange a festive table, and in his own house. To create it will Continue Reading