Kitchen in the English style — ideas for the decor+70 pictures

Kitchen in the English style — not a cheap pleasure. This interior will appeal to true conservatives and lovers of good-quality materials. Designers Dekorin propose to run through the main features of this interior areas. Read, watch selected photos. And then decide whether you want a decoration in your kitchen or not. What is remarkable kitchen design in the English style? Take a look at the design of the kitchen. They are all different in mood, atmosphere, but they share Continue Reading

Curtains-strands in the interior: an unusual and stylish decor +70 pictures

Want to refresh the design and add to his house of mystery? Curtains-strands in the interior — what you are looking for. The project Dekorin have prepared a selection of photos. Look at this fragile, airy decor. The muslin can be presented in different ways. But it will always attract attention, emphasize your exquisite taste. Curtains-strands in the interior design with photo examples Muslin was at one time unjustly forgotten. But today, in the interiors it is used quite often. Continue Reading

Autumn decor of the room: 70 photos of ideas for warmth and comfort

Autumn is the season of fragrant tea, warm blankets and a pleasant dream. Not to sad about the past summer and not allow yourself to fall into melancholy Dekorinпредлагает to make an autumn room decor and enjoy the beauty and comfort. Are you ready to creative ideas? Then we are on the way! Go! Fall room decor: cozy living room What do you associate with autumn? Of course, it’s warmth, comfort and inner harmony! In order to make room in Continue Reading

Autumn decor with their hands. “No” spleen, “Yes” —a good mood

Don’t be sad about the past summer, fully enjoy the colors of autumn! Make autumn decor with their hands to decorate the house. The Project picked for you. Look — you just can not resist not to do something like that. And it’s great. After all, the little things and create an atmosphere of comfort, home and hearth. Brew yourself a Cup of hot tea, throw on your shoulders a warm blanket and enjoy! Autumn decor with their hands: Continue Reading

How to combine Wallpaper? Rules trivial decor (70 photos)

The same paste over all 4 walls in the room is boring and unfashionable. Flipping pages the Internet-editions to learn how to combine Wallpaper? The project team Dekorin is a selection of photos. View how to design the interior. Read, but do not focus on General rules. Go to repair creative, and succeed! How to combine Wallpaper? The main idea Today it is fashionable unconventional, individual. Want to be in trend? Boldly embody the cherished interior of the imagination. And Continue Reading

Decor tops

Decoration for Mikey. Should: 1. Mike. 2. Fabric, scarf (out of her cut out flowers and leaves for decoration). 3. Scissors, needle, thread. Sequence of operation: 1. Made of cloth or handkerchief cut any fragments, in our case — red flowers and linen colors of the leaves. 2. Contrast color thread, begin to sew the leaves placing them according to our ideas. 3. The flowers are sewn, some of them proburivaja, forming a beautiful flower or a Bud.

Decor ideas with their hands: 16 incredible ideas for home 85 photo

Nothing decorates our home, as dear to the heart of things created by himself. Interesting details, nice things always fill housing with heat and illuminate any grace family nest. The portal there is always a lot of interesting. Today we have prepared for you the best decor ideas with their hands. Let’s be inspired together! Go! Decor ideas with their hands: creative hall In search of the best solutions, we invite you to walk through the rooms along with Continue Reading

Spring decor — how to decorate the interior in 2018

Let’s admit it: who of us loves the last month of winter? I think such people there quite a bit. Despite the fact that the Romans took care to make it the shortest of the year, February is still a long, long time with its short gray days and cold boring evenings. We offer you to pass the time decorate your home for spring! In this article you will learn what spring decor is in fashion today and how it Continue Reading

Bedroom decor: decor, ideas, trends 2018

The bedroom is a sacred place of any house or apartment. A space where you relax from the everyday hustle and bustle and immersed in sweet dreams, being charged with positive energy for the whole next day. How to create a beautiful bedroom decor without the extra cost and do not resort to the expensive services of a personal designer? We will tell you. So please be patient and forward to be inspired! Interior of bedroom in apartment No matter Continue Reading

Roman shades in the nursery — stylish window decor 50 photo

We all were once children and, most likely, each of you recalls that time with warmth. Agree that special and fabulous room which is made subject to the preferences of the child and displays his favorite Hobbies is a cherished dream of children of all generations. In this case, the right thing to approach to her design: choose the Wallpaper, bed, Desk, carpet, curtains and small decor elements. Because of these attributes and creates a basic design of kids world. Continue Reading