Excellent cuisine in the style of hi-tech: 55 impressive photos

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech is striking not only for its beauty but also functionality. Connecting modern technology and practicality — that’s the secret of success of this style. In today’s article, portal Decorin will shed light on the different nuances and features high-tech style in the conventional design, urban kitchen, and will enable you to inspiration up to 55 photos of ready-made options for kitchens in style hi-tech. Go! Modern kitchen in style hi-tech: some examples with photos Continue Reading

Modern Italian cuisine

Modern interiors — modern Italian cuisine! The organization of the kitchen space requires new furniture solutions: first of all, it concerns the size of kitchens, kitchen accessories and number of options for the location of the modular elements of the kitchen. Italy as a leader in the production of furniture for kitchens, subtly responds to the global trends in interior design, offering the market modern furniture solutions. Characteristic of such collections kitchen – wall and floor cupboards with opaque facades. Continue Reading

Cuisine in fusion style

Fusion or a mix of styles allows you to create amazing interiors, in which the mixture of different cultures, times and technologies gives a vivid emotional effect. Interiors in fusion style surprisingly comfortable, because they do not need to adhere to strict restrictions that impose “clean” style. You can mix classic and modern furniture, favorite things, brought from different countries, contrasting materials. The combination of clear geometric lines and the curved, shiny surfaces create a sense of futuristic space and Continue Reading

Beautiful cuisine 2015: trends and photo

At the end of last year, we have prepared for you about the expected trends in the design of kitchens for 2015 (see article here). Now that he is in full swing, it’s time to look at the recent work of interior designers and evaluate what they are really fashionable and beautiful kitchen in 2015. The main trends in the design of kitchens 2015 Trends need not dictate the appearance of your kitchen, the more that each person has their Continue Reading