Country style in the interior apartments and houses: country comfort photo

Country style in the interior looks so interesting that more and more people choose it for decoration of their homes. It is clear that this is no accident, because the rustic coziness creates a sweet, warm, family atmosphere from which to get out you do not want! If you are thinking over how to properly arrange the interior of the house (or apartment) in a country style, you here! Show, tell, and, as always, will tell! Ready? Go! Country style Continue Reading

Pleasant country house

There is a very interesting house that could compete for the title of best house. The house characteristic historical traits possessed by the first houses in the Wild West. The image of the house was created by architects under the influence of the picturesque site on which it is built. Unusual asymmetrical appearance of the house, open views of the surrounding scenery even from the inside of the structure. Literally every decision that only you can see in the house, Continue Reading

Country house in Mexico

Architectural office AS/D Asociacion de Diseño presented the project Casa Alta in Mexico. Country house is located on a steep slope overlooking the scenic valley. The three-story structure of concrete monolith crashes into the natural landscape. Space in the house is organized vertically: the lower level is the kitchen and dining room on the second floor — living room, third bedroom and bathroom.

Interior design country house: popular styles photos 2018

Than to please yourself at the weekend after a working week? What could be better than relaxing with family and friends in a country house? If you share this opinion with you here. In this article Dekorin will tell you how to create the interior design of a country house so that he is comfortable and has developed from a simple cottage into a home. What style to choose for interior design modern country house? Increasingly, we want to return Continue Reading

Street lighting for country houses — 32 photo with a beautiful design

It is obvious that the right combination of street lighting for a country house helps to emphasize landscape features of the territory, and will also be a great decoration for the area. After studying the simple rules of arrangement of light, you’ll be able to arrange the lighting in the yard of a private home. As is to highlight the landscape of the area? What kind of lighting would be most appropriate for your site? What materials should I use? Continue Reading

Landscape design in Country style

Country style in landscape design is bold and definitely an extraordinary solution. Directly before starting work, you should think whether fit this style to the overall design of the house and other buildings on the site. But, if doubts are still present, then you can start with scenery of a remote area in the bottom of the garden, giving it a rustic simplicity and creating the right ambiance. The garden, created based on the rural style, simple in its design, Continue Reading

Recreation area in the country or just the area on the plot

Hello, dear readers! The owners of private houses in mandatory to allocate space for the recreation area, which traditionally is a gazebo, and it has a table and chairs. Most often, the area on the plot finds refuge surrounded by fruit trees, flower beds with shrubs or flowers. The advantages of this arrangement are obvious, the trees will provide additional shade on hot, hot days, and gorgeous flower beds will please the eye with its excellent colorful design. The content Continue Reading

Living room design in the house in the country — 25 photos in different styles

What living room design in house with an emphasis on comfort and practicality? Living room is the main and largest room, the design of which should fit harmoniously into the overall style of the house. Room is designed for comfortable stay of the owners and also to receive their friends at the weekend. Therefore, its interior should be implemented taking into account all of the taste preferences of the owners, as well as various options for using the space. In Continue Reading

The interior design of a country house: options and 20 photos of interiors

In the 21st century a lot of fuss and undue haste, and sometimes we need to get away from this noise somewhere far away. Therefore many choose for himself a country house and live in it peacefully and happily. Early housing in the city was a holiday destination rather than the living room, but today such houses are equipped with modern gadgets and fully ready for year-round use. The question is only in how the design of a country house Continue Reading

Landscape design of a country house: planning and photo sites

The country house is designed for relaxation and unity with nature. Therefore, their design is typically characterized by simplicity, informality and convenience. Landscape design of a country house should enhance the architecture and be in harmony with the natural environment. In addition, this plot may be a garden, a kitchen garden, greenhouses and other agricultural items. With Dekorin you will learn what is in the planning area country house how to create beautiful landscaping and view 30 photos and projects Continue Reading