Country style in the interior apartments and houses: country comfort photo

Country style in the interior looks so interesting that more and more people choose it for decoration of their homes. It is clear that this is no accident, because the rustic coziness creates a sweet, warm, family atmosphere from which to get out you do not want! If you are thinking over how to properly arrange the interior of the house (or apartment) in a country style, you here! Show, tell, and, as always, will tell! Ready? Go! Country style Continue Reading

Autumn decor of the room: 70 photos of ideas for warmth and comfort

Autumn is the season of fragrant tea, warm blankets and a pleasant dream. Not to sad about the past summer and not allow yourself to fall into melancholy Dekorinпредлагает to make an autumn room decor and enjoy the beauty and comfort. Are you ready to creative ideas? Then we are on the way! Go! Fall room decor: cozy living room What do you associate with autumn? Of course, it’s warmth, comfort and inner harmony! In order to make room in Continue Reading

Comfort in the Alps

The Swiss architectural Bureau fulfilled the dream of many travelers about the serene, majestic Alps, peaceful landscapes, combined with a real feel and comfort. A new project of the company was the restoration of the old log cabin, once used for agricultural purposes. The efforts of architects the once-neglected house preurals in a modern family cottage, perfect for the winter holidays. A few “worn”, the rural house’s exterior contrasts with its modern and minimalistic interior, but all this combined creates Continue Reading

Easy chair from IKEA for the living room – comfort, simplicity and practicality

The seats have different purposes. Work chairs or office chair, fairly hard content, sometimes even made with a solid seat. Their main task is to provide the correct posture for a long time. Dining chair can do without the backrest, as meal time is much less than working and eating does not imply a relaxed posture with tilted back. But a hotel chair created exclusively for comfort. The contents 1 Advantages and disadvantages of the soft chairs from IKEA 2 Continue Reading

The content of the computer Desk with special comfort: shelves for equipment, cabinets and drawers

The main difference between computer Desk from the writing is the dependence of its design from the size and type of machinery used. If the size of paper as writing materials has not changed over the centuries, additional devices, scanners, printers, speakers, noticeably modifierade for 10 years. It is therefore very important to know how to choose a computer Desk with a particular content. The contents 1 Advantages and disadvantages of computer tables with shelves and drawers 2 Modification of Continue Reading

Good kids computer chair — comfort and prevention of scoliosis

With the advent of computers, our life became more stationary. A considerable fraction of time people spend at the monitors, studying the basics of Informatics in elementary school. This child, by the way, can take up to two hours a day (and that’s just at first and then more). So it is very important to properly prepare him for the workplace, in particular, computer chair. Because the spine is still immature, and needs good support. Otherwise scoliosis – hand. The Continue Reading

Computer chair from IKEA ten years warranty and maximum comfort

IKEA makes a sturdy and comfortable furniture for all occasions. Has not bypassed the attention of Swedish producers and a special computer (or office) chair, without which today – anywhere. They allow you to properly distribute the load on the spine during long hours of sitting behind computer screens and laptops. Chairs from IKEA have a long warranty – ten years. The contents 1 Popular models of the computer chairs from IKEA 1.1 Products for adults 1.2 Furniture for children Continue Reading

Stools with backrest in a hall – a comfort in the house from the doorway

The easiest option stools – padded seat with legs is, in fact, a poof. This piece of furniture is typical of a spacious bedroom, where he moved from the bed to the dressing table. But his appearance in the hallway, perhaps even more justified: to remove and to put on shoes while sitting, it is more convenient to anyone. What can we say about the elderly, for which bending and tying Shoe laces because of their age turn into a Continue Reading

How to arrange furniture in a Studio apartment for maximum comfort

The right choice of furniture and its placement for small apartment is important, as it allows for limited space to create comfortable conditions for life. But how to arrange furniture in a Studio apartment so the housing was visually more spacious and have added greatly to the comfort? To solve this problem, have coined a number of stylish designs that are applicable for the old small blocks, and for small studios. In today’s article we will tell you what furniture, Continue Reading

Straight narrow sofas in the kitchen — comfort for owners and guests

In many families, the kitchen is not only a place to cook a meal and Breakfast lunch and dinner. Sometimes it people relax, watch TV, organize friendly tea with guests. And if the place in the apartment of tough saves, the bed, the case, equip. And therefore, in addition to chairs and stools in the kitchen often settle the sofas. They can be angular or straight shapes. On the latter, we will now discuss. The contents 1 Advantages and disadvantages Continue Reading