The black color in the interior — a bold choice! The embodiments of 85 photos

Courage, confidence, and impeccable style is about you? Let’s check! The black color in the interior would use? Yes, Yes, black, no compromise! Do you like this idea? If you found it attractive, so you will be very helpful to read this article! Today we will talk about the most successful incarnations of black in the design of the different rooms, and you will learn how it can be beautiful and perfect! Ready? Forward! The black color in the interior Continue Reading

Bedroom in white color: a design that radiates tranquility

Bedroom in white color can be a real refuge. Tired from the bustle and bright colors, I want to experience the peace and quiet to recuperate. Look at these bedrooms. They have some kind of elusive magic, conducive to sleep. The project Dekorin this article proposes to discuss the design of the white bedroom. Bedroom in white color — what is their secret? (With photo examples) Making hall, we try to surprise the guests. In the living room — follow Continue Reading

The color of the facade of the kitchen — how to choose a good option? (+70 pictures)

Puzzled how to choose the color of the facade of the kitchen? And rightly so. The taste and quality of meals depends on your mood. So, in the kitchen you should be nice, comfortable and cozy. The designers of the project Dekorin offer you my view on decorating the kitchen space. Read our article, see the pictures and decide what suits you. How to choose the color of the facade of the kitchen — fashionable or practical? All Housewives obsessed Continue Reading

Color is the main

All of these wonderful dishes are United by one detail – their design and design uses ultra bright and saturated colors. Red, acid-yellow, blue – it would seem that the imagination of designers in the selection range knows no bounds. In the kitchen the role of accents is not only the furniture but the accessories and background. If you want to have in your life burst into a bright kitchen, you have to be prepared that the room will be Continue Reading

Living room in blue color

Frequent combination of colors is white and blue. Deep blue shades don’t look good with other darker colors, they merge together. Living room in blue tones will look very original, however, abuse this color is not worth it. You need to stick to just one tone, maximum two.

The white color in the living room

The white color allows you to visually expand the boundaries of the surrounding space. White has many shades and hues: cream, pearl cream, eggshell, chalk, snow, linen, cotton, white lilies, etc. White shades can create interiors in almost any style. Therefore, the white color in the interior are always relevant and never goes out of fashion.

Blue color in living room interior

Blue color in interior is calming, relaxing and noble. Because blue belongs to the cold palette, it evokes a feeling of freshness and coolness, and thus should not be used to North and dark rooms. The blue color has many shades. In combination with various colors, they create a completely different atmosphere. To create the living room atmosphere of coolness, feel free to choose shades of blue and turquoise.