Design ideas Studio photo zone for New year and Christmas

In anticipation of new year holidays many people are in a hurry to attend a professional photo shoot conducted at atmospheric decorated studios. In this review, we decided to bring to your attention ideas for decor Christmas photo zones, get inspired by the following photos showing the fully finished room for the photo shoots. The content of the page How to make a photo zone for the New year Define identity photo zone Living room Kitchen or dining room Office Continue Reading

How to make a Christmas tree on the wall with their hands (master class)

Sometimes you want to decorate the room with some unusual decorative items. Let’s say, the Christmas tree and traditional new year decorations, and that if to place it on the wall?! Now that’s unusual, let’s try! Looking ahead to say, the Christmas tree turns out to be very effective, also allows perfectly to save space! How do you make a Christmas tree on the wall WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Artificial fir garlands; Decorative cloves; Tape; Hooks adhesive; Christmas decorations. The Continue Reading

Christmas ornaments from light bulbs with your hands

Very simple for the execution of the plot. In just a few minutes you can transform, you no longer need and occupying the place of the bulb. They can decorate the Christmas tree in the country (as in Buttermilk, forgotten things from the attic), in the courtyard or in the entrance. Make garlands of (different shape and sizes) light bulbs and surprise guests with their skills! Of course, to attract children to this simple action. You will need: old light Continue Reading

Christmas toy with their hands

You will need: 1. scissors, balloons, oily cream (vaseline), any yarn, white glue, bowl. Work: 2. Dilute PVA glue with water, about 3:1. 3. Inflate the balloon to the desired size, give it a round shape, tied thread. 4. Rewind the required amount of yarn, put it in a bowl of PVA glue and leave for 5 minutes. 5. Smear the ball with a fat cream and wrapped it with yarn, for a start, leaving a large distance between the Continue Reading

The Christmas tree with their hands

New year — the most favorite holiday of children and adults. To prepare for it a pleasure. Every year we plan to organize everything beforehand, to foresee everything, to buy everything and set everything up. But as always, this little work. Days less, hassle, worry and fuss more. But oddly enough, everything is always uspevaete, just this holiday magic and the other can not be. Especially look forward to this holiday children. To channel their energy in a peaceful course Continue Reading

How to make a Christmas tree with their hands

The most joyous holiday — the New year. And all the hassle associated with them should be joyful, funny and sometimes unexpected. Tree — the traditional attribute of this holiday. In our selection of Do-it-yourself the most simple and amazing finds (and how to make a Christmas tree) that does not require a lot of time and money. However, some of them require a male presence to cut, drill. And to set up and decorate we can and without their Continue Reading

Christmas crafts with their hands to 2018 — 60 interesting ideas

Yay! Before the fight festive chimes a few days left. This means that it’s time to do Christmas crafts with their hands for 2018. This is a fascinating and pleasant handcraft is able to charge a festive mood, even those who in everyday hectic have not yet felt the approach of the celebration. So put away everything and start the festive preparations. What and how to make beautiful Christmas crafts find out in this article. We can also offer 60 Continue Reading

Christmas toys with their hands 2018 — original jewelry at a 45 photo

It is believed that the production of Christmas toys with their hands in the home attracts happiness. Christmas toys with their hands in 2018 will be a great gift for relatives and friends. Let’s look at what Christmas toys you can make with your own hands. How to decorate Christmas toys made with their own hands. In this article you will find beautiful examples of Christmas toys in the world. Embroidered Christmas toys with their hands Embroidered Christmas toys with Continue Reading

Christmas toys with their hands in 2018, 46 photo of interesting ideas

Very soon chime strikes and it is time to make Christmas toys with their hands in 2018. Of course, you can buy decorations for the Christmas tree in the store, but it will never be so interesting how to make Christmas decorations yourself. So you can feel the approach of the holiday and will join his family, doing creative work. Be sure to involve them in this wonderful lesson! In this article Dekorin talk about unusual ideas making toys for Continue Reading

Christmas toys made of fabric with their hands — 42 holiday photos

On the eve of new year, people tend to be more beautiful to decorate your home and dress up the beautiful tree, often using for decoration various kinds of lights and glass toys. However, if you are a creative person and a supporter of innovative solutions, try to make Christmas decorations out of fabric with their hands. Such jewelry in making a very simple and, unlike glass counterparts, they are impossible to break. The main advantages of such toys is Continue Reading