Kitchen floors: how to choose material

The floors in the kitchen — part of the interior, the choice should be approached with great care. In addition to compliance with the General design, they should be non-staining, easy to wash when dirty, not afraid of water, high temperature and mechanical damage. It is very important that they be non-slip and fireproof. Fortunately, now you can find quality materials that are organically fit into the interior of any style. Regardless of whether you lay the floor in the Continue Reading

The color of the facade of the kitchen — how to choose a good option? (+70 pictures)

Puzzled how to choose the color of the facade of the kitchen? And rightly so. The taste and quality of meals depends on your mood. So, in the kitchen you should be nice, comfortable and cozy. The designers of the project Dekorin offer you my view on decorating the kitchen space. Read our article, see the pictures and decide what suits you. How to choose the color of the facade of the kitchen — fashionable or practical? All Housewives obsessed Continue Reading

How to choose dining group

Table of contents 1 Dining group, how to choose 2 Principles of dining area 3 Lunch in a small kitchen 4 5 group Dining in the kitchen-living room 6 How to equip a separate dining room 7 Interesting ideas Group dining, how to choose In a modern, bustling rhythm of life is not so much time is spent on those happy moments when the whole family gathers at home for a dining table. To extend the moments of happiness and Continue Reading

How to choose a beanbag chair (Bean Bag indispensable)?

Table of contents 1 bean bag. 2 Why did it become so popular? 3 External data! 4 Inside! 5. Important! 6 Breadth of applications The bean bag chair. The creators of the frameless bag chairs in the 60-ies have set a goal to release a universal anatomical seat, which itself adapts to the way you sit. The Italians took a bag and filled it with plastic balls and called it the armchair”Sacco” translated “bag”, the Americans call it Bean Bag, Continue Reading

Air conditioning in the interior of the apartment — choose wisely!

In today’s world there are things which can not do without. At the forefront of the mast is havov and air conditioning. Hot summer days is so good that now we can hide from the heat in the cool luxury of your own apartment. However, all is not so simple, because air conditioning in the interior — a thing notable, and unfortunately, it does not always fit into the situation. Only today best designers Dekorin reveals all the professional tricks Continue Reading

How to choose a chest of drawers in the bedroom?

Chest – hybrid wardrobe and chest. The first involves storing things on hangers in an orderly manner. Second – the placement of things stacked without any order. The chest is devoid of the disadvantages of both products, but combines their advantages. Dresser is not included in the first three of the compulsory furniture in the bedroom, but as soon as the area is a preference that is the subject. The contents 1 Parameters 1.1. Minimum dimensions 1.2 Standards of use Continue Reading

How to choose the beautiful curtains to the kitchen

When the kitchen renovation is finished and the choice of furniture is carried out, an important question arises: “How to choose the beautiful curtains to the kitchen?” Because sometimes we get lost in the assortment offered by countless shops. And sometimes do not know what they want. In this article we discuss what are the criteria to choose the layout of the kitchen window. How to buy beautiful curtains to the kitchen: the attention to detail and nuances Beautiful Drapes Continue Reading

How to choose a computer Desk for the home: basic parameters and characteristics

Computer Desk appeared only later on PC. Very quickly it became clear that the work on the keyboard is not equal to the work written on a typewriter and requires a completely different hand position. And then you have a computer, a variety of peripherals, and place it on the table proved impossible. Computer table is calculated based on the characteristics of the control equipment and its characteristics. The contents 1 What is better: writing or computer Desk? 2 Sizes Continue Reading

How to choose curtains for bedroom

The task of curtains can not only beautify your window, but also hide You from prying eyes. The choice of curtains, the creative process, after You decorate the Windows, the interior design becomes a finished residential appearance. It is important to choose the right style. After all, when it becomes selected, but it will be uncomfortable for all the beauty in a week can be annoying and no fun You get. The style can be purely decorative. Like festive halls, Continue Reading

How to choose bookcase with glass doors to the working room?

Those who love to read, work with documents, papers or collect things, familiar with bookcases with glass doors. This furniture fits perfectly into any interior thanks to a wide range. And in the offices benefit from the bookcase is big enough. The contents 1 is it Worth buying home bookcase with glass doors? 2 Modification of products 2.1 Types of doors 2.2 With drawers and shelves 3 Popular manufacturers 3.1 Stolplit 3.2 Other Should you buy home bookcase with glass Continue Reading